Director Biography – Gabriela Loza (ERASED)

Gabriela Loza is a Mexican – American, Writer/Director. She comes from a family of fine artists, musicians and filmmakers. Born in Southern California, growing up in multi-cultural Los Angeles, and working at her parents’ music store, she was surrounded by music from all over the world. This instilled in her a hunger for different cultures and a nomadic spirit.
Receiving a camera at the age of 10, she developed her love of photography. This grew her visual style, aesthetic and unique way of looking at the world through a lens. 

Her fine art studies, keen eye for design and love of cinema led her to a career in prop fabrication, art direction and production design. She has worked in film, TV, music videos, commercials and theatre in Hollywood and in Sydney, Australia.
Her short film, Erased is her directorial debut.  Erased is a sci-fi love story, set in the near future, with an Australian/New Zealand cast and crew. 

Gabriela has also written and directed her second short film, Tattooed, which is currently in post-production. Most recently she directed a play that she co-wrote, Twisted Ladder, that was selected for Sydney’s Short and Sweet theatre festival.
Gabriela describes the craft of making films as an archaeology of the human heart. This is her approach as a director and as an artist.

Director Statement

Director’s Statement – Erased

The seed of an idea for ERASED came from heart break. I was in my early twenties and I was in so much pain at the time, that I used to think that if there had been a procedure or a way to erase someone or a memory from one’s psyche to stop the pain of that loss. I would have paid for that service. So that idea merged with my love of filmmaking, story telling and science fiction became the story for Erased.


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