Fantasy/Sci-Fi Testimonials

Read recent testimonials of writers/filmmakers who have had their work showcased at the Fantasy/Sci-FI Film Festival:


Better than average feedback. Thank you. 
– Julie Merrick, Feature Script (Keslare’s Veracity)

Thank you for the very frank and detailed notes regarding the submission of “Vapour”. No doubt these notes will be of great assistance in developing the screenplay for future submissions. A bit of fresh air is extremely helpful – and this delivered. 
– N Bradley, Feature Script (Vapour)

Thank you for your thorough analysis of my script and for the useful advice: I will re-work on my text taking your valuable notes into consideration. 
– Maroun Rached, Feature Script (The GEHC)

For me it was really great to get response from the audience. I have worked hard to finish the project. And i loved the way the audience is trying to find their answer of meaning that is captured in the film. I want to Thank you for showcasing my film. The audience feedback video was awesome. 
– Jan-Willem de Kraaij, Short Film (LA COMMEDIA)

For unproduced writers, the real frustration after keystroking “The End” is trying to get noticed. There are so few outlets available for presenting your material. This festival appeals to me because my work now migrates from an unread concept into a produced staging, easily accessible by industry pros.
– David Redstone, Feature Script (FLEET WEEK)

The feedback was great. Most of the people liked it, so I am glad you screened it at your festival.
– Martin Rosete, Short Film (VOICE OVER)

I’ve been submitting “Wayfarers” to a bunch of places. The notion that some of it could be performed seemed interesting – it’s a twist on the usual screenplay contest, and in some ways, it’s more valuable to me as a writer-director. 
– Arnon Z. Shor, Feature Script (WAYFAYERS)

First, i must say I m very excited that my film had the opportunity to be seen by this audience. Interesting observations by a very intelligent audience.
– Emy Tzavra-Bulloch, Short Film (MINOTAUR)

Their comments/notes have been excellent. You really need knowledgeable people to review your work and give you feedback. As John Huston said at the Oscars years ago, “Film is a collaborative medium.” The feedback from WILDsound really opened up my thinking and help me see things I had not see before.
– Andrew Fisk, Feature Script (SHAPESHIFTERS)

I’ve read over the notes you have provided a few times and appreciate the depth of feedback I can work with.
– Adam Geddes, Feature Script (A HOLE IN THE DARK)

Thanks, guys. Coverage was spot-on. Really appreciate the comments and suggestions. I’m looking forward to implementing them into the rewrite.
– Ted Gurich, Feature Script (WOLFIE)

Thank you for this feedback. I am always nervous to get feedback but this was really well rounded. I learned a lot and am excited to get to work on the next draft.
– Melissa Field, Feature Script (THE GOLDEN TRUTH)