Short Film: ABSENCE, 13min., Germany, Sci-Fi/Thriller

Lena’s life is changing abruptly after a terrible event. Her passion is leading her on a destructive way. As everything around her started to collapse, she is still figuring out where she stands.

Director – Richard Marx

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Director Biography – Emma Selinski (VIRTUALLY HAPPY)

Emma is a South Australian filmmaker of the magically real. She founded Sunflower Sings Films in 2011 and has been busy writing, producing, directing and editing award winning films for the company all over the world.

Director Statement

I am deeply disturbed by the epidemic addiction to social media in our society. I believe it is having a detrimental effect on our ability to genuinely connect with other human beings. We are social creatures and social media is isolating us from each other, making us feel more and more alone. I wrote ‘Virtually Happy’ to explore he destructiveness of social media in my own life and its ability to distort reality.

Director Biography – Gideon van Eeden (GOD GLITCH)

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Gideon van Eeden is a South African former television actor and theatre creator who attained success in South Africa and performed in various European countries. After emigrating to the Netherlands he has worked as a filmmaker for corporate clients, NGO’s and wildlife documentary. His short film Bijltjesdag (Day of Reckoning) is currently screening at festivals world wide and marks his debut as a director of narrative fiction with numerous awards and nominations. His second short film, The Apricot Tree, premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in 2018 and is being received well on the festival circuit. Both productions were made as part of his studies in screenwriting and directing with the Raindance MA programme and the University of Staffordshire, which he completed with distinction. His third outing, God Glitch, was crowned overal winner at the GoShort 48 Hour Festival in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and will have its international Premiere at FilmQuest in September. He is currently in pre-production for 3:42AM, a horror web series and has his first feature film in development.

Director Statement

The premise of our story delves into a dystopian future where science is able to compress the sum of all experience from of an entire human life into an algorithm. This poses many questions to our current state, where we are captives in an ever accelerating race to automate and digitise our reality.

GOD GLITCH, 8min., Netherlands, Sci-Fi/Romance


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In a future where entire human lives are expressed in algorithms, a couple must say their final goodbyes in a digital afterlife.

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Director Biography – Michael Jeanpert (ANOMALY)

Michael Jeanpert is a french director and screenwriter born in Paris on September 12, 1977. In 2010, he directed a spec Nike Basketball commercial which was very successful, with more than a million views on youtube. In 2018, he wrote and directed BACKDOOR, a short film acquired by Amazon Prime video and other platforms in the US, Canada and the UK. The film was also broadcast on several television channels in Europe.