Short Film: WHERE DARKNESS LIES, 16min., Canada, Fantasy/Thriller

In an old cabin, adrift in time and space, a once-spirited Jamie (Jesse Moss) is forced to relive recent events and come to terms with the toughest choice of his life.

Having been forced into hiding, Jamie and his mentor, Sam (Phil Granger), bide their time before making their next move. Jamie feels the wall at their backs, and survival instincts kick in when they can’t stay ahead of the intelligent and ruthless Captain that is chasing them (Anne Marie DeLuise).

Where Darkness Lies is a psychological fantasy drama short film that captures the consequential nature of human actions, as well as the need to accept how they may redefine us forever.Director Biography – Chino Saavedra

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Short Film: BROLGA, 16min., Australia, Sci-FI

In a ravaged future-Australia, a solitary hermit guarding a priceless treasure is forced to offer sanctuary to a young girl who is fleeing murderous scavengers. With danger around every corner, can they learn to survive together?

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Director Biography – Caroline Iaffaldano (FLOUR BABY)

Caroline Iaffaldano is a Los Angeles based filmmaker with a passion for directing, writing and production design. She is currently studying Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California.

Caroline previously studied fashion, human rights, and environmental science at NYU, and her enthusiasm for style and pointed social commentary is highlighted in the short films she has directed.

Director Statement

As a woman, I am acutely conscious of the societal pressure on women to bear children and have a family despite their career goals. That is why I was immediately drawn to the script of Flour Baby and its depiction of two women grappling with the concept of motherhood and deciding whether or not it is for them.

I am always attracted to stories with strong elements of fantasy that are grounded in reality and wanted to use that dualistic genre to explore the double life women must live to be viewed as successful in society. Additionally, I wanted to tell a story that demonstrated how strong female friendships can help women accomplish whatever they desire, including one of the most monumental achievements in life: motherhood.

My goal is to make films that reflect a female point of view and to tell stories that shine a light on the impossible societal standards women are held to. The strong aesthetic behind Flour Baby is a visual representation of the extravagant nature of these gendered politics. I hope that the contrast of high style and pointed humor in Flour Baby makes for a unique, fun and poignant film that is driven by a strong female point of view.

Short Film: PROGENY, 30min., USA, Sci-FI

This is a world exactly like ours, except that the wealthy elites are aliens, living and working among us, but with one key difference: they reproduce by implanting their offspring in a human host who raises the alien child as his own. When a blue-collar man is forcibly implanted with his alien boss’s parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to help him remove the parasite — a dangerous and forbidden act that puts their marriage — and their lives — at risk.

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Short Film: ANIMAL HEADS – 15min., USA, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Eight year old RONNIE lives in a dystopian society where it’s inhabitants wear government issued animal masks to keep the peace. When a new neighbor moves in next door, their mutual curiosity for discovering true appearance is piqued despite strict surveillance and the world’s unwavering requirement to keep oneself hidden. Their childlike advances into this unknown moves them closer to danger and to discovering the true meaning of human connection.