Short Film: IMAGO DIABOLUS, 9min., Germany, Crime/Sci-Fi

While chasing a serial killer, a police officer receives a package with mysterious clues in form of photographs. He follows the clues and makes his way through the city and reaches an abandoned hall where he finds himself facing an unnatural element of his investigation. At the end of this odyssey, the cop doubts and… Continue reading Short Film: IMAGO DIABOLUS, 9min., Germany, Crime/Sci-Fi

Director BIO: John D. Marshall (ARTIFICIAL EXISTENCE)

John D. Marshall is a writer/director from based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Drawing from his diverse background in commercial production and VFX/post, he released his debut narrative short, Artificial Existence, in 2021 after three years of development. John is currently developing two feature films and a television project to add to his growing body of… Continue reading Director BIO: John D. Marshall (ARTIFICIAL EXISTENCE)

Short Film: ARTIFICIAL EXISTENCE, 20min., USA, Sci-Fi

A mother desperately yearns to escape an oppressive dystopian society where humans have merged with machines and life is automated by artificial intelligence, but her family would rather live in technological comfort than escape with her into the unforgiving wilderness. Project Links  Website


Born in 1991, Thomas Vanz is a french director who started making films in 2014, telling tales of the Cosmos’s History by producing only practical FX with inks, pigments and many others chemical products. Focused on the macroscopic aspect, he tries first to illustrate a Supernova, blending art and science with his first short “Novae” in 2016, the… Continue reading Director BIO: THOMAS VANZ (ORDER & CHAOS)