Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival Testimonial – June 17 2020

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The feedback that I initially received from the Fantasy Sci-Fi Festival is the most thorough and helpful feedback I’ve received from any festival thus far. I plan to eventually enter the novel competition as well in hopes to get the same high quality response.

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The French Toast Scene

Two gifted young scientists must build a computer capable of creating believable dreams in hypersleep as part of a top secret colonization plan before their former friend now nemesis squashes their chances. Almost 400 years later, Captain Martin must escape a nightmare of her own.


Babs: Norma Dunphy
Narrator: Esther Thibault
Pierce: Dan Cristofori
James : Isaiah Kolundzic

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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival Testimonial – June 16 2020

Screenwriter Richard Trask (COSMOSIS OF WORLDS)

The Sci-Fi topic of this festival is a good fit for my project. The initial feedback was constructive, supportive, useful, nicely detailed.

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Adam Chapman, 1.4 million years ago, on planet Longon, gets hurt in a rock climb and dies during a hernia surgery. His (random) exact replica self, Mark Meyhee, born on Earth in 1989, is also a rock climber. Mark is married to Mary; both are young attractive academic nonscientists. Like Adam Chapman, Mark gets hurt and has a hernia surgery, but he doesn’t die. In anesthesia, he experiences a three-hour time lapse, in effect a time-travel into the future. By this he discovers the phenomenon of Consciousness Everpresent (his term). Mary calls it the Eternal Life of Here and Now: that is, we have continual successive births as ourselves, with a seamless awareness but only of the current life.


Narration – Carrie Schiffler
Mary – 21 – Barbara Bergeron
Mark – 20 – Michael Ruhs

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival Testimonal – June 15 2020

I was really excited to hear the different interpretations of the film. It’s actually a relief to hear that people are able to accept the level of ambiguity and try and use the elements in the film to make their own meanings, and they came up with so many fantastic ideas! I was really pleased, as this film was partially a test to see if we could capture a snapshot of what we want the feature to be, and see whether it would work with an audience. (although the feature has a much tighter narrative, but we aspire to give it that otherworldly ambiguity. Again another balancing act)

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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival Testimonial – June 8 2020

 Screenwriter Michael D’Ambrosio (Princess Pain) 

Originally I wasn’t a fan of contests as winning doesn’t guarantee a movie deal. I have realized, however, that by winning or placing in a contest, buyers can see that the script is quality.

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Marina is a cold-hearted courier of contraband who likes to play rough. Her life as a loner is just fine until the delivery of a flash drive with stolen weapons technology ends her alias and makes her the target of a power-hungry militia leader who wants her alive, and his sultry assassin lover who wants her dead. The action-filled chase across the sector with two unlikely allies melts the ice off her heart and leads her to a secret that changes everything she ever stood for. Nothing is easy with Marina as she drives everyone crazy with her anger-driven arrogance and stubbornness, including Britt, the militia captain, who falls in love with her.


Balthus – 3 – TED POWERS
Sonia – 2 – ETHEL ABRAY
Jerrold – 2 – DANIEL JONES

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival Testimonial – June 4 2020

My feed back on Mimics was the best I have ever received. It was detailed and very insightful. It pointed out areas that needed to be improved and areas that needed to be removed. It absolutely improved my script.

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A plane carrying two prisoners crash lands in North Carolina where hunters Ethan, Tommy and Dale come to their assistance. Major Reynolds and one prisoner, the attractive Amber, are the only survivors and are taken back to their hut. But the injured Reynolds warns Ethan that Amber is dangerous, and that the second prisoner must be found. Returning to the plane, Dale is killed by the second prisoner who ‘mimics’ his appearance to try and fool Ethan, but Ethan kills him. Alarmed by the discovery of a magazine featuring Amber, Ethan realises that she is also an alien. Convincing the others, a dangerous game of cat and mouse results in Ethan being the last to survive, but has the creature won and mimicked him?

Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Marine One: Hartley O. Gyamfi
Marine Two: Sheldon Graham

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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival Testimonial – June 3 2020

 Screenwriter Thom Holland (The Last Breath Of Winter)

I did a number of searches on fantasy/horror/sci-fi festivals and this one came up well recommended – the opportunity to have a recorded table read made it very appealing above festivals that simply offered laurels and small cash prizes too!

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A huntsman battles a brutal winter and the spirits that inhabit the forest around his family’s home.


Narrator: Val Cole

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival Testimonial – May 26 2020

Thomas Clary
Thomas Clary
After coming close to finals in other mainstream festivals, I thought I might have a better chance seeking out ones that were specifically for the genre that fit my pilot. I’m so happy I did. My experience with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenplay Festival has been a wonderful one. They were always cordial and in contact, even before I won. And after winning, I was able to see and hear actors reading the script, helping it come alive. It was fantastic. I would recommend this festival for anyone with a fantasy and/or sci-fi script.5 Star Review

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