HIGHLIGHTS: August 2022 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film Festival

Showcase of the winning feature film from 2022.

THE GREEN WOMAN, 89min., Australia, Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Directed by Kestra Nebula
Rommy is an unsuccessful alcoholic writer who’s relationship is falling apart. When he begins to suspect that his partner, Mary, is having an affair on him a green woman begins to appear to Rommy. However, it is not long before The Green Woman begins to ask Rommy to do things, strange things.

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Director Biography – Kestra Nebula

Kestra Nebula is an transgendered indie film maker. Kestra has previously worked as producer on the feature “Marital Problems”, Directed by Dia Taylor and produced by Real Merit film. Kestra also Wrote and directed the film “The Green Woman”. Kestra has also worked on a plethora of short films and has some experimental projects on the way. Kestra has also worked filming concerts and theatre performances. Kestra Nebula set up Sehnsucht Films with Dia taylor in 2015.
Kestra’s Academic achievements include a bachelors in Games Production from SAE Qantm Melbourne. Kestra has also successfully completed several small writing courses including the exclusive Stephen Cleary writing and production team.

Director Statement

I chose to direct this film as I wanted to create an exploration of the dark places our minds go while twisted by loneliness and loss. Having experienced some harsh troubles myself I wanted the audience to explore what it could be like if a person fully embraced their pain and what could happen when the most unlikely and unusual of things, a green woman’s arrival, could do to a person’s psyche. I shot this film on a very tight schedule as to give the very visual effect on the main actor and to allow his physical state to truly reflect the protagonist’s mind. I wanted the audience to truly get a feel in their core about what a long term mental illness can be like to a person cut off from their world. To do this I focused on the everyday and turned it into a symbol for his own prison.

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