Director BIO: Holy Fatma

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director of the short film PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER

Director Biography


With a Masters of Cinema Studies in hand, Holy Fatma traveled the world before settling down as a set dresser in Hollywood. It was there that she created her own visual brand and made the transition to director. Back in Paris, Holy Fatma is the winning director of the Cinétalents 2014 by 1000 VISAGES under the supervision of director Houda Benyamina. It is at the end of this experience that she meets Romain Compingt with whom she writes her script Please Love Me Forever. Her brand looks just like her : extravagant, disturbing and populated by strange and endearing characters. Holy Fatma lives in a world influenced by Fellini, Burton, and Browning.

Please Love Me Forever is her first movie.

Director Statement

Please Love Me Forever was born after years of exploring a contrasted yet fas- cinating Hollywood. A place where out- casts wear glitter jackets and beauty often irts with monstrosity. Neo-romantic fan- tasy, Please Love Me Forever is set in a world of innocence and dementia. Between botanical garden of organs and tree hearts, this dark tale will lead our heroine towards an inevitably tragic ending… much more realistic than it looks.


Director BIO: Jeremy Garcia

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival

Get to know the short film STAR WARS: TRIALS

Director Biography

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Jeremy Garcia moved to Augusta GA after earning his Bachelors Degree in Digital Film and Video production in 2011. Through college and into today Jeremy has had the opportunity to work on feature films, shorts, documentaries and music videos. He has experience is just about every crew position that a film set has to offer and has had the opportunity to write and direct several of his own shorts and music videos.

Director Statement

Every artistic medium is interesting and has the potential to tell a story. To evoke an emotion. In the most basic terms “to feel”. I consider myself very lucky to work within a medium (film) that can bring nearly every other medium together with the possibility to create that “symphony of emotion”. The placement of the camera, the subtlety of that sound effect or musical hit, or the range and expressions of an actor. One film can change the course of someones life. It did for me. If I can inspire others or just one person to realize or confirm their passion then I can say that I’m pretty happy.

Director BIO: Cameo Wood

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director Biography

Cameo headshot

“Real Artists” is her first narrative film. Cameo had a long career in technology, working in voice over IP and computer security, and then studied artificial intelligence and neuroscience in university. She also opened up the first urban beekeeping store in America. Filmmaking has been her lifelong desire, and she is thrilled to have the chance to make movies.

Director Statement

What might it be like to have your main creative collaborator be an Artificial Intelligence? Already, biometric data is used for neuromarketing in many different contexts. Film plots are influenced by how test audiences respond during key points in the film. The creation of entertainment is no longer passed on guesswork. Enjoyment is quantitatively measured.

We are envisioning a near future when its more efficient to have an artificial intelligence create a film and test it on a human audience than it is to support artistic invention from concept through execution. Where ‘taste’ is not yet captured by code and still has to be measured by a human’s reactions. This is a story of what it means to be human. It is a question posed of what humanity is when creativity is in the realm of an artificial intelligence, leaving us to consume and react. Through science-fiction, we focus on rapidly-approaching question of ethics in neuromarketing and the power of corporations to craft products in response to our biometric responses. We are also telling a story of a young woman’s dream, and how she might hold the key to the future of storytelling.

Sophia seems closer to a superhero; she’s a genius editor, hard working, beautiful and cries at the sight of her favorite cartoon. She is confident in her artistic taste, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make the best movies the world has ever seen. But young people are rebellious – and Sophia was willing to risk her career and reputation in order to create what she knew was a superior edit to her favorite film. Sophia is on fire with her youth: and this is how she resists Palladon’s enticements toward an artistic life of being merely a barometer of taste.

We all love products designed especially for us. We willingly forgo our privacy for sake of being a part of the new, the trendy, what’s hot. But when young people like Sophia are confronted with ultimatums, their actions — sometimes heroic, sometimes tragic — can rewrite many stories, not just their own.

Cameo Wood, San Francisco, September 2016

Director BIO: Marina Waltz

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director of short film SUICIDE NOTE

Director Biography

Marina waltz headshot

After ten years running a contemporary art gallery in Moscow with an emphasis on video art, I moved to the UK where my passion turned to making my own films. My first film, ‘Private Waltz’, won several film awards. ‘Suicide Note’ is my second film.

Director Statement

The initial inspiration for SUICIDE NOTE came about a few years ago through a visit with my daughter to the Museum of Anthropology and Enthnography in St. Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great. It famously contains a ‘cabinet of curiosities’, humans and animals with abnormal medical conditions preserved in jars for all to see. Peter wanted a permanent public display so that the world could confront these ‘monsters’ in a compassionate and scientific way instead of falling back on superstition. They are also carefully arranged to show the fragility and fleeting nature of life.

The conversation that ensued with my daughter covered the subjects of what it means to be ‘normal’, our relationship to the outsider and the notion of mortality about which she exhibited curiosity and fear in equal measure. Victoria asked whether the technology exists now to live indefinitely but was just as intrigued to know what the afterlife might be like; whether it would be possible to fly, walk through walls, visit the moon. In her dual attitude, I was reminded of my own musings as a child about the potentially liberating experience of escaping the constraints of my family, the USSR, homework, my own habits and the excitement of encountering the forbidden outsider.

SUICIDE NOTE isn’t a film about ending one’s own physical existence – it’s a meditation on the courage required to confront our assumptions about who we are and by extension those we perceive as outsiders.

Director BIO: Richard Paris Wilson

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival


Director Biography


Richard Paris Wilson is a music video and commercial director, having directed Zara Larsson and MNEK’s smash hit ‘Never Forget You’, as well as videos for the likes of Button Eyes and Toploader. ‘A Monster Called Charles’ is his first foray into the world of short films.

Director Statement

What makes this project particularly unique, is how it combined the talents of professional filmmakers – the DOP, the Gaffer, etc – with a mixture of 14,15 and 16 year old students from the Citizenship Media Group (a charity in South London set up to work with aspiring young filmmakers), who acted as the First AD, Second AD, Camera Assistant and more.

The process of making this film was a real collaborative and learning experience for all involved. Funded in part by the Big Lottery Fund, the film was developed off the back of months of workshops with young people in South London as part of the Citizenship Media Group (‘CMG’), and saw many of those young people become part of the production crew.

Not only was this a great learning experience for everybody – both the professionals and the students – but I firmly believe we managed to make a really terrific film out of it too; one which I am tremendously proud of.

We hope you enjoy what we managed to make.

Rich and the crew

Director BIO: Benjamin Allen

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director of short film ECSTASY BOULEVARD

Director Biography

Benjamin Allen is a native of northwest Connecticut and a graduate of New York University’s Institute for Film and Television.

His short film, ‘Hyperdust’, won the following awards in NYU’s First Run Film Festival: Achievement in Experimental Form, Cinematography, and Editing.

He is currently completing a screenplay for a feature length horror film ‘Dead Blue’, about a police officer bitten by a zombie.

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