Director Biography – Robin Tremblay (FAEW)

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Robin Tremblay is an accomplished 3D animator, working for over 26 years in the field of education and  within Montreal VFX facilities.
He completed is Master in Digital Arts and he is now a freelance consultant for various VFX companies  both local and abroad . He is an active member of the Visual Effects Society of California.
He is one of the founding teachers of the NAD school in Montreal and still participates in the school’s success by working on its class curriculum and by teaching highly sought after CGI courses. His latest foray into the movie field is to act as director where he use his experience and eclectic imagination to push his bright students to act as an efficient team and go beyond what could be done in a normal education paradigm.
The FEAW short film is the result of Robin and his team of talented students.


Director Biography – Paul Charisse (UNCLE GRIOT)

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Paul has worked for a variety of VFX companies over the past 10 years Including work on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy animating the character Gollum. He has also worked as an animator and pre-viz sequence designer on “Prince Caspian”, “Stardust” “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ” ,”Zorro II”, ”Hellboy II” ,”Brothers Grimm”. He is presently Senior Lecturer in Animation at Portsmouth University and is currently directing his first feature film: “Stina & the Wolf” and his first short film: “Uncle Griot”.

Director Statement

As a filmmaker I’m fascinated by the spaces in between dreams and waking and how this can become a place to tell stories and experience ideas in a way that can that can plumb the depths of a viewer’s psyche. We all dream and inhabit the world of surrealism and symbolism nightly. I want to translate this experience through evocatively visual storytelling, exploring tales that are at once universal and at the same time, strangely unique.

Director Biography – Rosita Lama Muvdi (TABULA RASA)

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Rosita is a Colombian directress who believes we all have a monster lurking deep inside us and, every now and then, an uncontrollable hunger forces us to surrender to the darkness and allow our inner monster to come out and play. The darkness in female sexuality, the perversion in the mundane, and viscerally penetrating emotional imagery are themes that are ever-present in Rosita’s work.

After pursuing her B.S. in Film and Television at Boston University, where her film SOMBRA AZUL won first place at the Redstone Film Festival, Rosita directed commercial and documentary work, which screened in Colombian theatres, and has had her fashion photography work featured in major publications like Vogue Mexico, among others. After directing CREEP DATE, a finalist at Miami International Film Festival’s REEL Music Video Art Competition, Rosita moved to Los Angeles to pursue her M.F.A. in Directing at AFI, where she wrote and directed her thesis film LA SIRENA (Grand Jury Winner at Dances with Films) , a psychosexual fairy tale about a woman who surrenders to her inner monster to avenge her broken heart.


Director Statement


Growing up is never easy. And as hard as we try to keep some of that childish innocence alive, we know eventually we have to let it go. Whether we want to or not, consciously or not, one thing is true: it comes at a price. There is something we inevitably, and sometimes painfully sacrifice as we come of age and become suddenly aware of everything we were too happy to remain oblivious to. And no matter how hard we try to resist that darkness, we know we have to feed our innocence to it. We have to grow up. Even if it hurts.

Director Biography – George A. Velez (MR. E, P.I.)

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George A. Velez is a New York based filmmaker. He graduated from Pace University in 2015 with a degree in English. He has helped produce videos in collaboration with Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, and 21st Century Fox. Right now, he is rewriting his feature and working on short films.

Director Biography – Stuart T Birchall (A P E X)

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Writer / Director / Producer

Birchall, a self taught artist, has been writing and directing since 1998. The multiple award winning director quickly established himself as one of the most prominent and original music promo directors in the rock scene. Working with the likes of ‘Bring Me The Horizon’, ‘Young Guns’, ‘Bullet For My Valentine’, ‘Cradle Of Filth’ ‘Architects’ & ‘Enter Shikari’, for Sony, Virgin EMI, Columbia & Universal.

His dark and broody asthetic translated well through his short films conceptual design and photography. An enigmatic all round artist who is not afraid to challenge audiences and break conventions.

Birchall is currently writing an original sci-fi series alongside feature film development.



Director Statement


APEX was born out of my passion for science fiction, it has been a key inspiration throughout my life, from the child gazing out into the star fields above to cowering under covers at old black and white movies. Through the written work of Asimov, Orwell, P.K Dick, R. A Wilson, Clarke, Wells, Huxley to the visual work of Kubrick, Tarkovsky, Cameron and Scott. We a specific impact of the Alien franchise resonating deeply with me from my childhood.

I have been developing my first sci-fi novel for a few years and this has allowed me the opportunity to begin exploring concepts and ideas that I have been collecting and archiving for many years.
As a self taught professional, I have always admired the innovation and belief in artist willing to push out into the unknown and challenge conventions.

2018 marks ten years as an independent filmmaker, so it seemed a fitting time to begin translating my sci-fi ideas to the screen! APEX is very much the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for me as a director, I aim for these early representations of my conceptual ideas to serve as a precursor of what is to come.

So with gratitude I present APEX for your consideration.

Director Biography – Daniel Robinette (GALMI)

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Daniel Robinette is an award-winning film director, writer and producer with a background in advertising and marketing. He is known for directing the short films Drawn to Fear (2016), The Time Will Come (2016), Tethered (2017) and most recently Galmi (2018).

Previously, Daniel worked in the advertising industry for 20+ years, serving as Creative Director for several agencies while amassing a range of industry creative awards in both broadcast and print advertising.

He is a founding member of 4 Leagues Media, LLC – a group formed to create and produce films. He serves as Director for the group, as well as a source for story development, creative development, writing and producing.

Director Statement

Galmi is a film that is close to my heart. My son (who plays the lead role in the short film) experienced bullying at his school. Part of our discussions during this time were centered around trying to be understanding and searching for peaceful resolutions. He mentioned that things would be easier if he had a big monster that could scare the bully away. It stuck with me and a few years later, I wrote Galmi.

The story addresses a few topics that could be encountered for parents of a bullied child and for the child itself (a parent’s frustration with the school system’s lack of response, the bullied child’s feeling of despair and isolation at times). My thought was why not bring to life a fantasy for a child – the ability for him to fight back by bringing a mythological creature to life that could protect him from the bully.

The word Galmi occurs once in the Bible, meaning “my golem” (the unfinished human being). I wove in the mysticism behind the golem as the creature the boy would summon having been inspired by the Golem of Prague (the rabbi constructs a Golem to defend and protect the Jewish community from persecution). In this case, the golem is summoned to protect and serve the boy. Whether or not the boy uses the golem for protection, intimidation or more sinister purposes is left up to the viewer.

Director Biography – Bears Fonte

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Bears Fonté founded Other Worlds Austin after two years as the Director of Programming for AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL. His last short film, ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE, has been selected for 65+ festivals since October of 2015 including SciFi London, Lund International Fantastisk Filmfestival and Dances With Films. Bears also was one of the producers on the Sundance Jury-Award Winning short THE PROCEDURE. His short film, THE SECRET KEEPER, played 35 US Film Festivals 2012-14. His feature thriller iCRIME, which he wrote and directed, was released on DVD, VOD and streaming by Vicious Circle Films in 2011. Bears also self-produced two web-series which have been seen by a combined ten million viewers. Prior to arriving in Austin, Bears wrote coverage for independent producers and coverage services in LA and placed in nearly every single screenwriting contest out there including Screenwriter’s Expo, Final Draft Big Break, Page International, Story Pros and Austin Film Festival. Bears received his BA from Carleton College in British Studies and Theatre Studies and a MFA in Directing from Indiana University and has directed over forty plays.


Director Statement


Nothing brings a family to together like pregnancy, and nothing tears it apart like jealousy. This the foundation of PRENATAL, two sisters struggling to find the truth and someway to understand eachother, despite being seperated by mountains of beleif and resentment. Prenatal inspired by my friend (and lead actress)’s first pregnancy and the red state / blue state divide. Sara was actually 8 months pregnant when we shot the film!