Director Biography – Tobias Bieseke (NUCLEUS)

Tobias Bieseke was born in Kassel. He has been a student in the Film & Sound program at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2008 (studying under Prof. Dubini, Harald Opel, Prof. Adolf Winkelmann, Prof. J. U. Lensing, and Prof. Hacker) and has participated in symposiums and lecture events at the invitation… Continue reading Director Biography – Tobias Bieseke (NUCLEUS)


Director Biography – Tara Tusher (INNER-CRITIC)

Inner-critic is the third short film directed by Tara Tusher. Her work fuses fantasy with real life in a dark and quirky way. The darkness introduced in her films is always met with a whimsical point of view and is the signature style of this independent film maker. Director Statement I love the art of… Continue reading Director Biography – Tara Tusher (INNER-CRITIC)

Director Biography – Brian Eric Johnson (STRANGE LIGHTS)

After moving from Sacramento to Los Angeles, I directed several plays in the NoHo Arts District. Changing my focus to film, I wrote and directed several short films before directing my first feature, ‘Mobster.’ I currently have two feature projects in development. Director Statement With ‘Strange Lights’ I explore one man’s life as he deals… Continue reading Director Biography – Brian Eric Johnson (STRANGE LIGHTS)

Director Biography – Alexandria Collins (REBORN)

Alexandria Collins is an LA-based director, screenwriter and actor. Her latest project REBORN, produced by Fox Digital Series was selected for Canneseries through their “Bite Size Horror” slate and she is developing it to become a feature film. Her digital series GOALS N’ SHIT, is streaming online after being named one of Seed&Spark’s ‘Favorite Teasers… Continue reading Director Biography – Alexandria Collins (REBORN)

Director Biography – Cameron Currin (INFINITUS)

Cameron Currin is an up and coming director looking to improve his craft through extremely ambitious short films. He serves as an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard as his primary job. His first ever directorial debut was with the short black and white 1900s horror Kushtaka. He loves scifi/horror films like… Continue reading Director Biography – Cameron Currin (INFINITUS)

Director Biography – Geoffrey Uloth (MOMENT)

Geoffrey Uloth has made five award-winning short films. Two premiered at TIFF, and The Ecstasy Note is one of Quebec’s highest-selling short films. He is developing two features and writing and directing the hit adventure series CHASING MONSTERS (Mordu de la pêche) for Discovery, Netflix USA, BBC World, Canal Évasion and Travel & Escape.

Director Biography – Sascha Karner (SEASAPIEN)

Sascha is a DIY filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia. Sascha originally aspired to be a researcher but he discovered his ambitions were more science fiction than science and were better suited for a career in cinema. Against his parent’s wishes, he studied Film and Television at Swinburne University, graduating top of his class. Sascha currently works… Continue reading Director Biography – Sascha Karner (SEASAPIEN)

Director Biography – Chino Saavedra (WHERE DARKNESS LIES)

Chino Saavedra is a Director and Editor born and raised in Spain. He graduated from Sydney Film School in 2009, and since then he has directed multiple music videos, including Comiendote a Besos from Spanish Singer-Songwriter Maria Rozalén. Where Darkness Lies is his directorial debut in narrative form. Director Statement The idea for this short… Continue reading Director Biography – Chino Saavedra (WHERE DARKNESS LIES)

Director Biography – Adrian Powers (BROLGA)

Adrian Powers is an Australian film director, editor and screenwriter. Several of his films have screened at film festivals across the globe, including the 69th Venice Film Festival, where his film ‘Scruples’ screened as part of a special collaboration between YouTube and Sir Ridley Scott, and during which Scott commented that Adrian and his fellow… Continue reading Director Biography – Adrian Powers (BROLGA)

Director Biography – Justin Daering (PROGENY)

Justin is passionate about science fiction filmmaking. He believes sci-fi stories encourage us not only to empathize but also to be curious and wonder. Justin started directing when he was ten years old, borrowing a video camera and dressing up his basement to look like a mad scientist’s laboratory. His continued interest in film led… Continue reading Director Biography – Justin Daering (PROGENY)