Director Biography – Joshua Sallach (MR. SUSHI)

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Joshua is an award-winning Los Angeles-based film and commercial director and producer. He was born and raised in central Pennsylvania, where he discovered his passion for visual storytelling, painstakingly animating his first 12-minute cartoon by hand when we was just 11 years old.

Soon after earning his degree in computer science from the University of New Mexico, Joshua began working in the film industry. Working for companies like Paramount and Warner Bros. in any capacity he could, he furthered his deep love of communicating through art. Joshua learned the ins and outs of production, has dabbled as a first AD, worked in post-production visual effects and compositing, and ultimately developed a strong interest in not only directing projects but also producing them.

Joshua has written, directed and produced 6 short films to date, as well as numerous commercials and videos. Joshua was nominated for Best Director at the Pasadena International Film Festival for his film “Mr. Sushi.” Joshua has also produced an award winning short that won best comedy horror at Dragon*con in 2011. Joshua lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. More of his work can be found at:

Director Statement

Mr. Sushi is a piece that I am particularly proud of and is very close to my heart. It not only spoke to us, as filmmakers, while we were making it, but also continues to speak to those who watch it. Its about passing the torch from the old to the new; embracing the dangerous and unknown future while holding true to the traditions of the past.

A few short months after finishing principal photography, I lost my dearest friend and mentor, my Mr. Sushi, to a sudden heart attack. I realized in retrospect, that the film was speaking to me directly, and really to all of us who have had someone positively influence their lives. I learned so much from my friend without realizing it, a wisdom quietly passed down through the ages. And its important to me that we continue to pass that wisdom on, even if unspoken, and “make the most out of every generation.”

Director Biography – Nathan Hong Fisher (HELLO, WORLD)

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Nathan Hong Fisher is an NYC filmmaker, originally from Seattle.

In 2017 he co-created the series TableTalk; distributed by Fullscreen Media. His film Backtrack received jury commendation at the 2016 Filminute festival and his upcoming work includes The 49th Day, Martin Eden, Sunlit Night, and the NBC series The Village.

He is also developing a series based in Backtrack’s universe and adapting his novella Human+ into a limited series.

Director Biography – Raúl Koler, Emiliano Sette (ANACRONTE)

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Raúl Isidoro Koler y Emiliano Sette

Raúl Koler is an Argentinean artist that has been developing a series of interdisciplinary projects since the 1990’s that include works in literature, photography and film.
Among his works we can find:
Mandato Familiar – Novel – 1996
Describes the ups and downs of two jewish families that, escaping the horrors of the first world war, settled down in the colonies created by Baron Hirsh in Basavilbaso, Entre Ríos, Argentina.
Trancoso – Novel – 1998
Set in the Brazilian northeast, it shows the impact generated by “the progress”, incarnated in the arrival of tourism to a little village defenseless to capitalism’s voracity.
La cadena de Huayna Capac – Historical Novel – 2006
Written with thorough detail and in ancient Spanish, tells the story of Francisco Pizarro, who in the beginnings of the 1500 conquers the Incan Empire. Simultaneously, Teodoro, a lawyer in our present time, denounces Spain in the international tribunals.
De aquí y allá – Photography Book – 2013
Set in the northeast of Brazil and in the city of La Plata, Argentina
Anacronte – Short Story – 2014
Describes the becoming of mankind in its eternal struggle to circumvent the designs of the Sorcerers of Evil that, in the form of an arrow, reward or punish effort or sloth.
Anacronte – Short Animated Film (3-D CGI) – 2016
A spin-off from his short story Anacronte. It’s a unique 3-D CGI animation piece in Latin America in technical quality and storytelling.

Emiliano Sette

In 2011 he is called upon to make the script for the television series “El payaso PLIM PLIM, a hero from the heart”.
He won the Martín Fierro Award in 2012 for Best Children’s Cable Program, and was nominated as Best Children’s Air Television Program in the 2013 edition of the Martin Fierro’s Awards.
Distinguished with a special mention for the category “child’s programs” in the ATVC Awards granted by the Argentine Association of Cable Television.
Winner of the “INFANCIAS INCAA Award” with his short animated film Reflejos.
Winner of the “Contest for the Development and International Promotion of Animation Projects 2013” organized by INCAA with his animation series Noticiero.
Director and screenwriter of the animation series Mili, winner of EXPOTOONS 2013.
Director and screenwriter of Náufragos, TV series distinguished by INCAA in the Federal Animation Contest.
Director and screenwriter of Transmedia contents in studios, production agencies and institutions such as Magic Gardens Animation Studios, Celeste Studios, La República de los Niños and Smilehood, among others.

Director Biography – Nicholas Muthersbaugh (ALORA)

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Nicholas Muthersbaugh is a Director/Producer for an owned and operated NBCUniversal broadcast station in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. In two years, he’s garnered over 10 top awards, including an Emmy for his work at NBC. “Alora” is his second short film, the first of which is “LFTA” (Look Feel Touch Adore), a thriller found on, and Vimeo. “Alora” is co-written, co-produced, and directed by Mr. Muthersbaugh.

Director Biography – Deeptanshu Sinha (SIEGE)

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Deeptanshu Sinha is a visionary director whose films portray out of the box visionary ideas with true to life characters. They are made on a large visual scale and are designed for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Deeptanshu has been in the field of filmmaking since the last 7 years. Starting off as a Screenwriter, he has 2 feature length spec screenplays to his name and has been a Screenwriter for over 20 short films. He further pursued Direction and has directed 22 short films in the last 3 years. He is also well versed with the technical aspects of filmmaking as he been an Editor for over 15 short films.

Deeptanshu holds a B.Sc. degree in Filmmaking with specialization in Direction from Whistling Woods International, India. He further specialized as an Editor and Director during his time at Vancouver Film School, Canada.

With strong grasp on script to screen execution, Deeptanshu aims to be a complete filmmaker who will raise the bar with every film he makes and change the way we experience films.

Director Biography – Janne Kasperi Suhonen (DIVE ODYSSEY)

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Janne Kasperi Suhonen is a Helsinki-based freelance photographer and film maker. He graduated from the Lahti Design Institute and specializes in underwater filming. Janne is perfectionist and occasionally impatient commander. In order to achieve the goals, he pushes the team to its’ extreme. As Janne is the camera operator he plans the shoots and leads the team during the under water filming. His enthusiasm strengthens the bond among the others.

He is Co-founder of the Divers of the Dark dive team and Co-author of ‘Divers of the Dark’ book. Janne is responsible of photography and video for all the Divers of the Dark team movies, commercials, books, and magazine articles.

Director Statement

Dive Odyssey is a tribute to loved hobbies, diving and sci-fi movies. But what is the common nominator between these two things justifying this project? For me, the connection has always been evident. Cave dive is a visual experience in three dimensions, a flight into the inner space.

From my childhood, I remember all the weekends at my grandparents’ house, far in the countryside. Along with fishing and carpentry, I got to watch movies on television in the evening, something I wasn’t allowed to do at home. One particular time was when I was 8 years old and saw Space Odyssey 2001 for the first time, grandpa dozing off in the chair next to me. I didn’t understand much about the movie, but I watched hypnotized all the same. The challenging and open-ended climax wouldn’t escape my mind for a long time.

The strength of the science-fiction genre is in the ability to address challenging social or personal problems without restrictions. At best, the utopias or dystopias create a shell inside which it is easy to focus on the underlying subject – without the usual constraints set by the real world. In addition to Space Odyssey 2001, other movie classics that have greatly influenced me include Solaris, Phase IV, Rollerball, Silent Running, Blade Runner, Alien, Soylent Green, Man Who Felt The Earth, and Zardoz.

The project is a confession of love for diving. It has given me so much. Friends. A new direction for my profession as a photographer. Experiences that no other person has seen or experienced before me. Lost wrecks. Natural cave after thousands of years in the making. Sights underground lit and photographed in a way that no one before me has been capable of.

At first, diving in caves wasn’t something I was looking forward to doing. I enjoyed the countless details of wrecks. In comparison, diving inside the dark and cold stone didn’t seem very inspiring. But all that changed in an instant when I first dived into the Ojamo limestone mine. The surface water was murky, but when going inside, the water turned crystal clear. After a few fin strokes, I entered the K-5 mining hall which is big enough to hold a 10-story building inside it. In the middle of the hall, I could no longer see the walls, the ceiling, or the bottom. I felt like flying in space. I had to use all the power of will to move forward. It all seemed so alien and intangible. It was like stepping out of a spaceship and taking a spacewalk.

There was no turning back. I wanted to go deeper and further.

Sharing these experiences has been the primary driver in all my diving related film productions. In media, cave diving is often presented as a hobby for people with a sure death wish. It is also seen as an extreme sport that is run by a small group of enthusiasts. The public interest is mainly taken in situations where lives are lost. This is personally experienced when working in the Diving into the Unknown film project. Dive Odyssey tries to show the other side of the sport, the beauty, and space-like environment and experience.