Director Biography – Joshua Sallach (MR. SUSHI)

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Joshua is an award-winning Los Angeles-based film and commercial director and producer. He was born and raised in central Pennsylvania, where he discovered his passion for visual storytelling, painstakingly animating his first 12-minute cartoon by hand when we was just 11 years old.

Soon after earning his degree in computer science from the University of New Mexico, Joshua began working in the film industry. Working for companies like Paramount and Warner Bros. in any capacity he could, he furthered his deep love of communicating through art. Joshua learned the ins and outs of production, has dabbled as a first AD, worked in post-production visual effects and compositing, and ultimately developed a strong interest in not only directing projects but also producing them.

Joshua has written, directed and produced 6 short films to date, as well as numerous commercials and videos. Joshua was nominated for Best Director at the Pasadena International Film Festival for his film “Mr. Sushi.” Joshua has also produced an award winning short that won best comedy horror at Dragon*con in 2011. Joshua lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. More of his work can be found at:

Director Statement

Mr. Sushi is a piece that I am particularly proud of and is very close to my heart. It not only spoke to us, as filmmakers, while we were making it, but also continues to speak to those who watch it. Its about passing the torch from the old to the new; embracing the dangerous and unknown future while holding true to the traditions of the past.

A few short months after finishing principal photography, I lost my dearest friend and mentor, my Mr. Sushi, to a sudden heart attack. I realized in retrospect, that the film was speaking to me directly, and really to all of us who have had someone positively influence their lives. I learned so much from my friend without realizing it, a wisdom quietly passed down through the ages. And its important to me that we continue to pass that wisdom on, even if unspoken, and “make the most out of every generation.”


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