Short Film: DEAF SAMURAI APOCALYPSE ULTRA, 11min., Switzerland

In a not too distant future. Violence and lawlessness rule the land. In the middle, a small, neutral inn. A hub for merchants, nomads and the sinister. The last bastion of so-called peace. This peace is to be disturbed when one day the deaf samurai enters the inn. A legendary swordsman around whom many myths… Continue reading Short Film: DEAF SAMURAI APOCALYPSE ULTRA, 11min., Switzerland

Short Film: INVASION, 10min., USA

Customer 1176 goes out for a drive in his AI powered self driving car. He wakes up in an unfamiliar town and is never seen again. Director – Sean Yopchick Director Statement I have been making films for 11 years. Invasion is the result of that commitment.

Director BIO: Emily Killian (REMEMBER)

Emily Killian is a longtime actor, first time filmmaker making her debut with Derek Ocampo’s fantasy futurist western, Remember. Killian has spent the past decade on stage and screen, and is now diverting her energy and passion for storytelling into directing for film. An artist and activist, Killian is devoted to telling stories that challenge… Continue reading Director BIO: Emily Killian (REMEMBER)

Short Film: REMEMBER, 7min., USA

After losing everything in the Second Civil War, a lone survivor sets out to confront the evil that took her world. But at what point does vengeance turn a person into the very thing she seeks to destroy?

Director BIO: Christophe Charre (REMNANT)

Christophe Charre is a French-American film director from Miami currently based in Los Angeles. Charre is a graduate of the Film & Television MFA program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Director Statement Remnant features a world dealing with the aftermath of severe environmental degradation in the not-so-distant future, which presented a unique… Continue reading Director BIO: Christophe Charre (REMNANT)

Short Film: REMNANT, 14min., USA,

In a world suffering from environmental collapse, two field biologists must confront their morality when they are compelled to make a detour near a restricted zone. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Instagram

Director BIO: Ravi Ajit Chopra (COGNITION)

Ravi Ajit Chopra has been working in the TV and Film Industry for over 18 years as a Producer, Director and Editor. His short Sci-Fi Drama / Thriller ‘Cognition’ starring Bafta Winner Andrew Scott (Fleabag) & Jeremy Irvine (Green Lantern) is fulfilling a childhood dream, which started in his family’s video shop ‘The Talash Video… Continue reading Director BIO: Ravi Ajit Chopra (COGNITION)

Short Film: COGNITION, 25min., UK

‘Cognition’ stars Bafta Winner Andrew Scott (Fleabag) & Jeremy Irvine (Green Lantern, Warhorse) in this emotionally engaging father & son story. This is an Independent short film, we worked incredible hard to put every relationship and partnership in place. The film made it onto the long list for the Academy’s Live Action Short Film category… Continue reading Short Film: COGNITION, 25min., UK