Director BIO: Matthew Thomas Ross (WEST WINDS)

For the past 14 years Matthew has been establishing himself as a director of music videos in the local Portland music scene. His videos are known for being narrative driven. He frequently works with the bands Typhoon & Sallie Ford. His most recent project was a music & video collaboration with Kyle Morton of Typhoon entitled Book of Matches which was premiered on NPR Music’s website.

Matthew’s first short film Two Ships premiered at the 2016 Portland Film Festival and more. Matthew’s second short film Anomaly, also had it’s premiere there in 2018. He also is a freelance director & editor for various types commercial video shoots.

Matthew’s love & fascination with filmmaking began when he saw Jurassic Park in the theaters when he was 8 years old. All throughout middle/high school Matthew would make videos with his parent’s camera. After High School, Matthew briefly attended film school in California but dropped out the first year not feeling like it was the right fit for him and moved back to Oregon.

He’s currently writing his first feature film with hopes to begin production in 2022.

Director Statement

Greetings viewer,

West Winds is a story about seeking refuge from toxicity while struggling with depression, loneliness, and trying to find hope when there is none in sight. Sometimes levity and connection arrive in unexpected forms, reminding us what it means to be alive.

The seeds of West Winds began during a dark Oregon winter in 2016; the mists of depression surrounded me and the vast ocean of loneliness had me feeling like the only person on earth. At these darkest moments, my dog Niles would be right by my side creating an oasis of unconditional love that I so desperately needed. This film takes you through a range of emotion that can happen in ones life; but above all else I hope it reminds you that even on our darkest days and moments in life, we can reflect back and find the bright spots that brought us joy, even if for a fleeting moment.

This short film was written in 2016, filmed in 2018, but has now found even more relevance in this world today. This last year was a dark one and made a lot of us feel like there is no hope. You are not alone in this darkness; our eyes will adjust, some quicker than others, and we will find that light, sooner or later.

This is my love letter to my dog Niles and all our friends who save us.

Matthew Thomas Ross
writer/director of West Winds


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