Top SCI-FI/FANTASY Festival Screenplays of 2019

Watch the best of 2019 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenplay Readings. 26 in total:

2 Feature Screenplay Readings:

Winning SCI-FI/FANTASY Feature Screenplay: The Venusian Chronicles, by Lynn Vincentnathan

Winning SCI-FI Feature Screenplay Reading: Steam Powered, by Kendrick Wallace

2 TV PILOT Readings:

Winning Sci-Fi TV Pilot Screenplay: NOVA: FIRST FLIGHT, by Rachel Fischer

Winning Sci-Fi TV PILOT Screenplay Reading of The Switch, by Thomas Clary

6 Short Screenplay Readings:

Winning Sci-fi SHORT Screenplay Reading of STUCK by Katy Erin

Winning SHORT Fantasy Screenplay Reading of Servile(?), by Travis Darkow

SCI-FI Winning Short Screenplay: Earthing, by Llewellyn Michael Bates

SCI-Fi/FANTASY Short Screenplay Reading: The Last Breath Of Winter, by Thom Holland

Winning Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Screenplay Reading: Fata Morgana’s, by Anthony Catino

Winning Sci-Fi Short Screenplay: A Trespasser on Rancho Rivera, by Douglas Harms, Joe D’Leon

2 1st Scene Readings:

SCI-FI 1st Scene Screenplay Reading: URRACA, by Eva Everett Irving

SCI-FI 1st Scene Screenplay Reading of BEYOND THEIR YEARS, by Patrick Langille

14 Best Scene Readings:

SCI-FI Best Scene Script Reading: Rib Meat, by Josh Robbins

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading: Starleague, by Zach Kalinyak

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading: SPACE FRONTIERS, by Michael D’Ambrosio

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading: MERGE PROTOCOL, by Victor Grippi

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading: IN THE CHILL OF THE NIGHT, by Adam Norby

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading: MIMICS, by John Saunders

SCI-FI BEST Scene Reading: Girl Out of Time, by Jay J. Falconer

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading: After the End, by Dalia Gal

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading: Ray in Space, by John Celona

SCI-FI Best Scene Screenplay Reading: Hart Bloomfield, Space Detective, by Daniel Fishbayn

SCI-FI Best Scene Screenplay Reading of THE SEVEN CIRCLES, by Eylem Cagla Sayman

Sci-Fi Best Scene Screenplay Reading of Jonny Quest: The Terror of Dr. Zin by Alan Rosenfeld

Sci-Fi Best Scene Readings of WOMEN OF STEEL by Marilyn Lee

Sci-Fi Best Scene Screenplay Reading of AMARIS by Ian White


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