Winning SCI-FI BEST SCENE Screenplay Reading: INSTRUCTIONS FOR YESTERDAY, by Justin Ho

After the death of her father, 12 year old Allyson is gifted with mysterious map pieces. With the help of her friend Kyle they both find and dig up buried components for a time machine. CAST LIST: Narrator: Allison Kampf Kyle: Steve Rizzo Allyson: Hannah Ehman

Director Biography – Borja Escribano (EXPLORERS)

Explorers is my first film. During my training as a producer I co-wrote a web series, Operación Benicasim, which was part of the Antena 3 website catalog. I started as a meritorious for TVE fictions like Stamos Okupa2 and television programs like Espejo Público. I worked as a production assistant in the film El Cosmonauta… Continue reading Director Biography – Borja Escribano (EXPLORERS)

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival Testimonial – April 23 2020

Thank you so much for your input. It was right on. I loved it. It was just what I needed in order to improve the structure of the plot. I will work on it starting with your notes. I can actually visualize the difference already. I look forward to resubmitting and participating in your contest… Continue reading Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival Testimonial – April 23 2020

Short Film: FLOATING, 8min., Spain, Sci-Fi

A Russian astronaut awakes on an ISS space module after an accident. His attention is caught by outside knockings . Someone has come to welcome him, although it might all be just his Imagination, or maybe not. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram News & Reviews “Sundance TV Shorts Winners 2019” Panorama Audiovisual

Director Biography – Janne Kasperi Suhonen (DIVE ODYSSEY)

Janne Kasperi Suhonen is a Helsinki-based freelance photographer and film maker. He graduated from the Lahti Design Institute and specializes in underwater filming. Janne is perfectionist and occasionally impatient commander. In order to achieve the goals, he pushes the team to its’ extreme. As Janne is the camera operator he plans the shoots and leads… Continue reading Director Biography – Janne Kasperi Suhonen (DIVE ODYSSEY)

FANTASY Best Scene Reading: Roy Hermus Meets Princess QQ, by J. David Thayer

CAST LIST: NARRATION – DIANA FRANZ Roy Hermus – 42 – SEAN BALLANTYNE Princess QQ – 43 – SARAH DESOUZA-COELHO — Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo Festival Moderators: Matthew Toffolo, Rachel Elder Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne Editors: Kimberly Villarruel, Ryan Haines, John Johnson Festival Directors: Rachel Elder, Natasha Levy Camera Operators: Ryan Haines, Temitope Akinterinwa, Efren Zapata,… Continue reading FANTASY Best Scene Reading: Roy Hermus Meets Princess QQ, by J. David Thayer

June 2019 Film/Story/Screenplay Winners

Submit via FilmFreeway, the exclusive way our festival accepts submissions.:   SCREENPLAY MOVIE: THE WONDERFUL INVENTION OF DR. BLANK, by Obayed KhanJune 2019 Winner TV BEST SCENE SCREENPLAY: VAPOR, by Eric WhiteJune 2019 Winner SCI-FI 1ST SCENE SCREENPLAY: URRACA, by Eva Everett IrvingJune 2019 Winner ELPIDA, 7min., 7min., USA, Drama/Sci-Fi     Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo… Continue reading June 2019 Film/Story/Screenplay Winners

November 2018 Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films, Screenplays & Stories

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:   NOVEL TRANSCRIPT: SPACE TANGENTS by Jerry L. Harvy Jr.November 2018 NOVEL TRANSCRIPT: MOON SPYER by Susan WingateNovember 2018 SCI-FI BEST SCENE: Star Whores and the Impotence Ray by Joel KarlinskyNovember 2018 SCI-FI BEST SCENE: A Brief World on Hypersleep Studies by ChiliagonNovember 2018 TV BEST SCENE: PAX GRAVITATE by Paul… Continue reading November 2018 Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films, Screenplays & Stories

Short Film: BETWEEN THE PARALLEL, 6min., New Zealand, Sci-Fi

“Between The Parallel” is about a young girl, seeking to find freedom from her reality by depicting herself as a goddess like being. The film explores the battle for freedom of a goddess; running parallel to Elisa’s search for freedom of her internal struggles. Project Links  Facebook

April 2018 Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films, Screenplays & Stories

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:   BLACK BIRD, 4min., USA, Experimental/Fantasy CHRICKLE, 7min., Sweden, LGBT/Experimental ORNAMENT OF BEAUTY, USA, Thriller/Fantasy ESC(APE) ONLINE TV Best Scene ScreenplayApril 2018 Readingby Christopher Kerr DRAGONS AND WOLVES – TV Best Scene ScreenplayApril 2018 Readingby Drew Henriksen IN THE WOODS – Short ScreenplayApril 2018 Readingby Rachel Greenhoe RAY IN SPACE –… Continue reading April 2018 Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films, Screenplays & Stories