Director Biography – Borja Escribano (EXPLORERS)

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Explorers is my first film. During my training as a producer I co-wrote a web series, Operación Benicasim, which was part of the Antena 3 website catalog. I started as a meritorious for TVE fictions like Stamos Okupa2 and television programs like Espejo Público. I worked as a production assistant in the film El Cosmonauta financed entirely through crowdfunding and shot between Latvia and Spain. As a freelance, I have produced different short films and advertising spots for companies such as the Red Cross, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s etc. For three years I have worked as a production assistant in short films, spots and other audiovisual content such as VR (Vysion360) in a production company in Madrid where I have also carried out the work of manager of developing fiction projects, studying their viability and seeking funding through channels public and private through sending to different national and international festivals, mentoring, forums …

Director Statement

Based on my deep admiration for the science fiction genre, I decided to write the script for Explorers at a time when a question often hung around my head. Do we own our destiny? If something doesn’t have to happen is it worth all the effort we make?
Explorers tells the story of someone who does not give up, who does not accept that there are things beyond our control and who tries in any way to get what he wants.


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