Director Biography – Borja Escribano (EXPLORERS)

Explorers is my first film. During my training as a producer I co-wrote a web series, Operación Benicasim, which was part of the Antena 3 website catalog. I started as a meritorious for TVE fictions like Stamos Okupa2 and television programs like Espejo Público. I worked as a production assistant in the film El Cosmonauta… Continue reading Director Biography – Borja Escribano (EXPLORERS)

October 2018 Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films, Screenplays & Stories

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:     TV BEST SCENE Screenplay: 2020 AD by Mike W. RogersOctober 2018 SCI-FI BEST SCENE Screenplay: SPACE FISH by Hank Biro & Kai ClarkOctober 2018 SCI-FI SHORT Screenplay: THE DANCE OF THE DESERT by Colleen AsburyOctober 2018 SCI-FI 1ST SCENE Screenplay: CHASING MONSTERS by Daniel KatzOctober 2018 LGBT 1ST SCENE… Continue reading October 2018 Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films, Screenplays & Stories

Audience Feedback: MARIA FERNANDA IN TIME, 9min, Spain, Sci-Fi/Comedy

Watch the AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO of the Short Film: MARIA FERNANDA IN TIME, 9min, Spain, Sci-Fi/Comedy Directed by Xavier Pijuan An overprotective mother produces an accident with terrible consequences in the space-time continuum in the scientific laboratory where his son works. Film Type:Short Genres:Sci-Fi, Comedy Runtime:9 minutes 20 seconds Completion Date:March 15, 2015 Production Budget:600… Continue reading Audience Feedback: MARIA FERNANDA IN TIME, 9min, Spain, Sci-Fi/Comedy

2016 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplays

Submit your Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplay & Film to the Festival: Watch the best of Fantasy/Sci-Fi in 2016:   SHORT Screenplay – LITTLE GIRL BRIDE December 2016 Reading Written by Kris Pajarito SHORT Screenplay – CARE AND CLEANING December 2016 Reading Written by Robin Kenny BEST SCENE Screenplay – LIVING PROOF December 2016 Reading Written by… Continue reading 2016 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplays

Feature Screenplay – LUCIDAE by Jacqueline Marett

Watch the September 2016 Winning Feature Screenplay LUCIDAE Written by Jacqueline Marett CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Val Cole IMOGEN – Lauren Toffan AZE-URE – Katelyn Vanier SAM/WILSON – Mandy Magnan NAVE-URE – Devin Upham GERARD – Scott Beaudin VARIOUS – Neil Kulin Get to know the writer: What is your screenplay about? LUCIDAE is an… Continue reading Feature Screenplay – LUCIDAE by Jacqueline Marett

Watch Sci-Fi/Supernatural 1st Scene Script: 1st Scene: GUNNISON by Daniel Duane

Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Supernatural

A sniper who hunts an Air Force colonel for humiliating her on a botched cover up discovers he’s masterminding one himself when a man hunt for two gunman leads to the capture of an extraterrestrial pilot being held prisoner.

Movie Review: SIGNS (2002)

One of the best films of 2002 M. Night Shyamalan delivers an exceptional and gripping film with an insightful look into the idea of faith versus coincidence. Signs is a testament to what great filmmaking can be when put into the right hands with a stellar cast led by the talented Mel Gibson who gives one of his best performances in years. While Shyamalan’s later films are considered failures, Signs is a reminder that despite his recent failures there is still a talented filmmaker and one who knows how to tell a heartfelt story with an abundance of suspense.

SUPERNATURAL Stories from the Festival

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