THE BAD BATCH – What the critics are saying about it!!

46% of critics like the film. No matter how strange or confusing the story gets, details and humor ground the narrative, with the blanks filled in by a simple guiding premise about the importance of human connection and artistic expression. September 30, 2016 | Full Review… April Wolfe L.A. Weekly Running close to two hours,… Continue reading THE BAD BATCH – What the critics are saying about it!!


SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, 2004 Movie Reviews Directed by Kerry Conran Cast: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Gambon, Ling Bai, Laurence Olivier, Angelina Jolie Review by Jarred Thomas SYNOPSIS: After New York City receives a series of attacks from giant flying robots, a reporter teams up with a pilot in search… Continue reading SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, 2004

Movie Review: SIGNS (2002)

One of the best films of 2002 M. Night Shyamalan delivers an exceptional and gripping film with an insightful look into the idea of faith versus coincidence. Signs is a testament to what great filmmaking can be when put into the right hands with a stellar cast led by the talented Mel Gibson who gives one of his best performances in years. While Shyamalan’s later films are considered failures, Signs is a reminder that despite his recent failures there is still a talented filmmaker and one who knows how to tell a heartfelt story with an abundance of suspense.

Movie Review: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1977) Directed by Steven Spielberg

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is the story of a small town electrician named Roy, played by Richard Dreyfuss, who experiences a seemingly random encounter with a UFO. After the experience, Roy becomes obsessed with aliens and UFOs. His behavior becomes extremely strange and erratic, including drawing the same mountain over and over. When he is unable to explain his behavior to his wife, she leaves him, and only then does he realize that he is drawing Devils Tower in Wyoming, the site where the UFOs are about to make contact with humans. As he races to get there, the government, having made a list of people who will be allowed to visit the aliens, apprehends him. After being questioned, Roy is added to the list, the aliens return the numerous people who had been abducted over the years, Roy and the others on the list enter the spaceship and are taken away to make contact with the friendly aliens.