2016 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplays

Submit your Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplay & Film to the Festival: http://fantasyscififestival.com Watch the best of Fantasy/Sci-Fi in 2016:   SHORT Screenplay – LITTLE GIRL BRIDE December 2016 Reading Written by Kris Pajarito SHORT Screenplay – CARE AND CLEANING December 2016 Reading Written by Robin Kenny BEST SCENE Screenplay – LIVING PROOF December 2016 Reading Written by… Continue reading 2016 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplays


Watch Sci-Fi/Supernatural 1st Scene Script: 1st Scene: GUNNISON by Daniel Duane

Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Supernatural

A sniper who hunts an Air Force colonel for humiliating her on a botched cover up discovers he’s masterminding one himself when a man hunt for two gunman leads to the capture of an extraterrestrial pilot being held prisoner.