Short Film: COGNITION, 25min., UK

‘Cognition’ stars Bafta Winner Andrew Scott (Fleabag) & Jeremy Irvine (Green Lantern, Warhorse) in this emotionally engaging father & son story.

This is an Independent short film, we worked incredible hard to put every relationship and partnership in place. The film made it onto the long list for the Academy’s Live Action Short Film category at the Oscars in 2021. The story follows a son’s (Jeremy Irvine) psychological journey as he confronts his past trauma to reconnect with the father he loves (Andrew Scott).

Film also covers contemporary themes about mind control & state control.

Described by leading U.K Film Critic ‘Mark Kermode’ as ‘A Remarkable Achievement’.

Please view Film on Vimeo in 2K Mode for best results, Thanks.

Our Film is 23 mins of drama time without titles and credits.

Project Links

News & Reviews

  • “BBC News & Mark Kermode Review Highlights”BBC London News TV (BBC One)
  • “BBC London News TV (BBC One) Full Interview”BBC London News TV (BBC One) Prime Time – mentioned 5 times in one day – a record for short film coverage on BBC
  • “Hey U Guys Film Review”Like many projects this year Cognition has been delayed due to the global pandemic, but it’s certainly worth waiting for. Awesome CGI and effects are married with Samuel Karl Bohn’s atmospheric score leads the way for an epic tale. Above all else, it’s apparent this project has come from an area of true passion seeping through in every frame. Emotional and guttural performances don this narrative alongside a twist that will haunt your thoughts for days.
  • “Cognition Official Making Of”Hear from the full team about the making of the film
  • “Official Oscars Q&A ‘Best Live Action Short’ For Your Consideration”Academy Website: Q&A Hosted by leading U.K Film Critic Mark Kermode, with Jeremy Irvine & Producer / Director Ravi Ajit Chopra
  • “Comic Con Film Review”Cognition is a hugely ambitious project which features stunning visuals and a truly cinematic score. It raises the bar for science fiction in short form film.

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