Born in 1991, Thomas Vanz is a french director who started making films in 2014, telling tales of the Cosmos’s History by producing only practical FX with inks, pigments and many others chemical products.

Focused on the macroscopic aspect, he tries first to illustrate a Supernova, blending art and science with his first short “Novae” in 2016, the film is awarded by the quantum festival first prize.

In 2017, his second film “Intra” go further by telling the infernal journey of a fall into a black hole, with a real visualisation of what a spinning black hole could look like and an aesthetic vision of the white hole theory.

In the meanwhile, he directed “Bright Side”,  the second clip of the talented composer Darius, and started making clips for Olafur Arnalds and Max Cooper.

In 2019, he is asked by the parisian museum L’Atelier Des Lumières to create an unique and immersive piece called « Verse » in a 16k resolution and on a 270° wide screen. The exhibition live one year, giving an amazing exposure to his art, and he’s called by Dior in 2020 to create scenography for next man defilee.


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