Director BIO: Fernando Campos, Jaime Jasso (EL CAMINO)

Jaime Jasso
Born in Guadalajara Mexico, with more than 24 years of experience in Visual effects for Film, Video games and visual Media in general. His career is inspired by Science Fiction Art and Cinema, that lead him to be part of one of the most important and prestigious teams of matte painters in the world at Industrial Light and Magic. He’s now an Art Director and Director, looking to create his own film style as a Filmmaker.

Some of his most notable contributions as a VFX artist and proud member of the VFX team awarded with an Oscar for Avatar, Jaime has been part of some of the most important sagas in cinema history, from Marvel to Star Wars to many others.

Fernando Campos
With more than 18 years of experience in the Visual Effects industry and with a background as Digital Matte Artist and VFX supervisor, Fernando Campos has been part of several projects, both national and international in the Film, Television, series, Video Games, VR and AR industries. Co-founder and Director at Dark Frame, he has directed, co-directed and supervised both feature films, short films as well as multi-award winning documentaries worldwide.

Director Statement

This is a project where our passion for sci-fi and filmmaking is projected thanks to the effort and trust of all people involved.
The final film is the result of people loving this project, investing hours, days, months and even years to bring this vision to reality.

As Directors and producers we needed to bring our own voice to the Sci-fi genre based on all those film that we love, this is a tribute to them.
Our main goal with this film was to show quality, attention to detail was needed on every shot and that was our main asset, as we didn’t have any funds to do this film.
I hope you enjoy our film as much as we did making it.
This is only the beginning of our filmmaking career, so stay tuned!


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