Theme of night: In between realities.

NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterHONOR AMONG THIEVES, 10min., USA, Sci-Fi/Western

festival posterSEASAPIEN, 8min., Australia, Sci-FI/Fantasy

festival posterOBSOLETE, 8min., Italy, Sci-Fi/Experimental

festival posterMOMENT, 21min., Canada, Sci-Fi

festival posterEXPLORERS, 11min., Spain, Sci-Fi

festival posterINFINITUS, 11min., USA, Sci-Fi

festival posterREBORN, 3min., USA, Sci-Fi

festival posterSTRANGE LIGHTS, 19min., USA, Sci-Fi

festival posterINNER-CRITIC, 3min., Sci-Fi

festival posterNUCLEUS, 20min.. Germany, Sci-Fi/Mystery

The beginning of a (temporary) new era.

See you at the festivals. Whenever that happens!

– Matthew Toffolo

Director Biography – Tobias Bieseke (NUCLEUS)

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Tobias Bieseke was born in Kassel. He has been a student in the Film & Sound program at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2008 (studying under Prof. Dubini, Harald Opel, Prof. Adolf Winkelmann, Prof. J. U. Lensing, and Prof. Hacker) and has participated in symposiums and lecture events at the invitation of Prof. Hans Ulrich Werner. The author of several experimental films and short narrative films, he has also worked on two anthology features, an animated film, and a music documentary about the Harry Partch premiere at the 2013 Ruhrtriennale. His films have been shown at art shows and film festivals in Rome, Vienna, Heidelberg, Milan, Erie, Paris, Bochum, Madrid, and Pompano Beach. He is currently working as a research assistant at the Dortmunder U, where he studies digital visual worlds and their interactions with sound and space. In 2017 he successfully completed his master studies at the FH Dortmund. After that he started working as a scientific assistant at the kiU Lab of the FH Dortmund. Since November 2018 he is doing his doctorate at the KHM in Cologne.

Director Statement

Nucleus is a story whose characters search for knowledge in the microcosm, as well as in the macrocosm and in themselves. So, on the one hand, we have the search in the smallest part, the atom, the judgment or primordial core that conditions and influences existence. On the other hand, we have the plane that extends beyond our horizon and makes us search in the macrocosm. We fill this space only with our hypotheses and fantasies. Therefore, the protagonist Falk seeks the comparison, to the proof of the general theory of relativity, which Arthur Eddington 1919 on the island Principe has yielded. The story should work on several levels, questioning reality, but also creating connections on a visual and playful level that have not yet been told. Thus microcosm and macrocosm are related, inside and outside, happiness and destiny, as well as time and space. Nucleus is a small compact story that can do a lot. The audience gets the opportunity to read the film on various levels. So it can see the history of interpersonal relationships, a scientist fighting with himself, as a thriller or as a media-theoretical reflection.

Short Film: NUCLEUS, 20min.. Germany, Sci-Fi/Mystery


646513fc4d posterThrough his research, Falk Marna has succeeded in using bacteria to synthesize a fluid that reveals a form of communication in carbon atoms. Falk thinks he knows what guides the souls of his fellow human beings deep inside. Yolanda, his colleague, considers the stimulated state of the carbon atoms not as a conspiracy of nature but as a delusional projection of him. Falk connects the process with the experiments of Arthur Eddington in 1919 on the island of Príncipe, where he wanted to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity. Eddington was able to show the orbital light deflection using the Hyades during a solar eclipse. Falk increasingly isolates himself on his inner island Príncipe as he approaches the evidence.

Director Biography – Tara Tusher (INNER-CRITIC)

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Inner-critic is the third short film directed by Tara Tusher. Her work fuses fantasy with real life in a dark and quirky way. The darkness introduced in her films is always met with a whimsical point of view and is the signature style of this independent film maker.

Director Statement

I love the art of visual story telling and the way film can open our minds to new perspectives in a way that no other medium can.

Director Biography – Brian Eric Johnson (STRANGE LIGHTS)

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After moving from Sacramento to Los Angeles, I directed several plays in the NoHo Arts District. Changing my focus to film, I wrote and directed several short films before directing my first feature, ‘Mobster.’ I currently have two feature projects in development.

Director Statement

With ‘Strange Lights’ I explore one man’s life as he deals with tragic circumstances. The film is pro-military, but anti-war. My hope is that we can all accept and love each other a little more.

Director Biography – Alexandria Collins (REBORN)

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Alexandria Collins is an LA-based director, screenwriter and actor. Her latest project REBORN, produced by Fox Digital Series was selected for Canneseries through their “Bite Size Horror” slate and she is developing it to become a feature film. Her digital series GOALS N’ SHIT, is streaming online after being named one of Seed&Spark’s ‘Favorite Teasers of 2018’ and raising over $20,000 via crowdfund.

Alexandria is a graduate of Florida A&M University, where her thesis documentary LOVE PLUS, won the 1st Place AP Award for Best Doc. Her narrative directorial debut, MILK RUN, premiered in competition at NYCIFF and was selected for several festivals internationally. She’s directed episodes of the limited series HILLARY (avail. on Amazon Prime) and music/concept videos for multiple artists.

She is developing features, VIVID UNDER and EDGE OFF under her company label, Supernormal Ventures and has worked as a commercial producer and 1st AD at NYC-based agency, Definite Films.

As an actor, she’s starred in Cannes selection, The Collegians, and over a dozen commercials for major brands (Apple, Hilton, Crest, Marshall’s etc). Alexandria has appeared on ABC’s Time After Time and Amazon’s Bosch. Alexandria is represented by Sovereign Talent Group and Innovative Artists.

Director Statement

I walked briskly from the parking lot of our baptist church/elementary school focused on remembering those words. “The Sun and the Moon” I called it. I was seven years old, rushing from the gravel lot to my book bag, that seemed to be miles away, so I could find paper and pencil to write down my very first poem. It was in that moment that I knew I was a writer and that poem has stayed with me since.

I grew up in a single parent home, with a powerful mother in politics and a three-degreed father that was in and out of my life, but always present with his drug addictions. Our reprieve was the church and television. My reprieve was my mind and my notebooks. As I got older, I pursued acting and writing in varying forms as an outlet and found myself in college taking the journalism equipment on weekends and shooting short films with friends.

My background has lent itself to my storytelling in innumerable ways, but I see now where threads of redemption and understanding are often woven in. Perhaps its me wanting to see people come back from the mire of their lives, but I also think it’s important as we become more polarized in our country, to give way to the nuance of life. Even the nuance of those we may despise on the surface.

At 22, I moved from Florida to New York City where most of my acting life was fulfilled. Being in front of the camera and onstage has shaped me immensely as a director. The way I work with actors and crew; the performances I’m able to pull from talent are specific to the training I’ve received.

I believe through filmmaking we can begin conversations otherwise untouched in communities. I’m in this industry for the long-haul to amplify the stories of marginalized groups with all of our diversity and power. Thank you for your consideration.

Director Biography – Cameron Currin (INFINITUS)

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Cameron Currin is an up and coming director looking to improve his craft through extremely ambitious short films. He serves as an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard as his primary job. His first ever directorial debut was with the short black and white 1900s horror Kushtaka. He loves scifi/horror films like “Alien” and “The Thing”, dark ambient music, and making interesting and artistic short films.

Director Statement

INFINITUS was an attempt to make an ambitious and practical science fiction short film with an emotional storyline. My hope with this film is to show the beauty of practical FX and set pieces on a low end budget.