2017 – Best SCI-FI Feature Film Screenplays (read loglines)

Read the best of SCI-FI Feature Films for 2017. ONCE UPON A DRAM (OH), by Prince-Odira Ewuzie-Phandira DARK DAY OF THE SUN: EMERGENCE, by Jeff Jones JOSEPH, by Mirandola Gonzaga TERRATOO RETURN TO EARTH, by Joe Koger BLACK HOLE, by Zeeshan Rizvi HOME, by Peter L. Brown STAR WARS HEART OF THE BLADE, by John… Continue reading 2017 – Best SCI-FI Feature Film Screenplays (read loglines)

Audience FEEDBACK: SUICIDE NOTE, 5min, UK, Fantasy/Thriller

SUICIDE NOTE, 5min, UK, Fantasy/Thriller Directed by Marina Waltz A surrealist meditation on the many self-inflicted deaths of identity we must courageously endure in order to attain a more complete understanding of who we are. CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

October 2016 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films/Screenplays/Stories

Submit your Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplay & Film to the Festival:http://fantasyscififestival.com Watch the best of Fantasy/Sci-Fi in October 2016: FEATURE Screenplay: CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES October 2016 ReadingWritten by Cate Carson TV PILOT Screenplay: WILLOWWOOD October 2016 ReadingWritten by Christopher Locke BARROW, 15min., Australia, Crime/MysteryWATCH Audience FEEDBACK MAYDAY, 13min. France, Horror/FantasyWATCH Audience FEEDBACK BEST SCENE Screenplay – THE ACCIDENTAL ANGEL… Continue reading October 2016 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films/Screenplays/Stories

DISAPPEARED – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK of the Short Film. WILDsound Film Festival

DISAPPEARED played to raves reviews from the audience at the January 2016 Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video: