TESTS 8: DISAPPEARED Short Film – Audience Feedback from Aug. 2018 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival

TESTS 8: DISAPPEARED, 2min., Russia, Sci-Fi
Directed by Anton SokolovTwo are in driving car. Stress and mystery is in the air during their trip. We can’t understand their goals and who they are to each other. They reach a final destination. Now they have to find out who continue go far.

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Director BIO: Anton Sokolov (TESTS 8: DISAPPEARED)

Director Biography – Anton Sokolov

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Was born on the 13th of April in Beskudnikovsky district of Moscow the hero city. Graduated from the Russian State Social University and the Russian State Humanities University, PhD of Economic Sciences.

After graduation in 2000, the faith helped him to find himself in a film studio and to connect his life with film production forever. In 2000-2010 he worked in Moscow production houses for the largest advertising agencies. In 2010 he founded his own production house.

At the same time he started to produce his own director pieces – music videos, short films and TV commercials. Director reel brands: Nike, KFC, Tinkoff, Yamaha, Suzuki, Samsung, Mercedes Benz.

His passion for travel moved the production of many director projects into different parts of the world. He was in the shortlist of the Los Angeles short film festival. He worked with the famous Russian musicians and actors.

“More” (short film) 2010. Philips parallel lines film festival.
“Next level” (short film) 2011. Short list of LA no budget film festival.
“Tests 8: Disappeared” (short film series) – 2017



Director Statement


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