SCI-FI Short Film of the Day: JOURNEY BACK, by Glida Bothwell


Written by: Glida Bothwell

Type: Short Script

Genre: Drama

Logline: A woman in search of her ancestors and meaning in her life travels back in time to the Oregon Trail.

Synopsis: Abbey, recently divorced and unemployed finds a locket in her mother’s attic. She vistis her mother in a nursing home, hoping to find out more about the locket and whether these are her ancestors. Her mother cannot tell her anything and doesnt even know her own daughter.

Abbey has always had a fascintion with the Oregon Trail, after reading about it as a child. She feels she is strongly connected to the people who traveled thousands of miles along the trail to Oregon. She decides to fly back to Cincinnatti and rent a car to drive the route of the Oregon trail.

Along the way she has flashbacks, and is transported back in time to incidents on the trail and meets the other woman in the photograph, her best friend who she left in Indiana when her family migrated west in 1850.

Her journey back in time reveals the hardships and trials of traveling the Oregon trail. Her journey on 21st century highways bring many challenges and gives her the courage to reconnect with her mother.

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