THE SUPER RECOGNISER Short Film – Audience Feedback from the May 2018 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival

Directed by Jennifer Sheridan

It tells the story of Scott (Jacob Anderson), a seemingly normal young man with a very special talent. Thanks to his exceptional skills of 90% facial recognition, Scott has been recruited to work in a secret government initiative. Under the watchful eye of his tough-talking supervisor Agent Williams (Ritu Arya), this Super Recogniser is over-worked and under pressure as he spends hours seeking terrorists and criminals captured on CCTV cameras. However, Scott starts to question everything after he believes he sees ‘himself’ on the monitors.

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Director BIO: Jennifer Sheridan (THE SUPER RECOGNISER)

Director Biography – Jennifer Sheridan


Jennifer Sheridan is a director, writer and editor from South London, England. She has honed her skills as a storyteller through her work as an editor for the last ten years. Earning herself a reputation as a respected editor of comedy. As well as editing Rose d’Or winning & BAFTA nominated television, Jen has also cut a number of award-winning low budget features and shorts. Her first voyage into directing was her short film ‘Rocket’ which went on to win the grand prize at the Virgin Media Shorts competition in 2012. Since then she has completed four more award-winning short films. She also directs branded content and music promos with her husband Matthew as a directing duo called AFLOAT. They are represented by Missing Link Films.