SCI-FI/FANTASY Festival Testimonial – June 11, 2018

From Filmmakers Bartek Kmita, Kamil Krynski, Wojtek Szwed – (Directors/Screenwriters PARADIGME)

B: Amazed, to be honest. 🙂 We were arguing for hours just to clarify the true story hidden in this movie, and some of the people from the audience who were talking about “Paradigme” actually hit the point perfectly! We left a big part of the film to be interpreted by yourself. Despite the initial story and the idea for the film, there is no clear path to follow in understanding it. So everyone can have a different point of view.

We are glad that there was so many interpretations. The audience’s ideas for the main character and his story are fantastic.

K: I’ve never been in the situation like this before. I was really amazed and little bit excited that someone is discussing and more important – interpreting our work.

W: It really felt amazing. Our project caused a discussion and every person interpreted the movie differently. I think it was pretty much our goal to leave certain things as a mystery and give a each viewer a chance to come up with his own unique conclusion.

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Best Film: REBIRTH

Best Performances: THE NINGYO

Best Cinematography: PARADIGME

Best Music: REBIRTH

CALL COHO, 16min, South Korea, Drama/Mystery
festival posterREBIRTH, 12min, USA, Sci-Fi/Thriller
festival posterPARADIGME, 6min, Poland, Sci-Fi/Experimental
festival posterTHE NINGYO, 27min, USA, Fantasy/Mystery

The LOS ANGELES DECEMBER 2017 FEEDBACK Film Festival gave our audiences the best of romance short movies from around the world.

The theme of the festival was “FINDING ONE-SELF”.

Every film showcased was about a situation that was about a character(s) looking to find who they really are before it’s too late.

The 2nd part of the DECEMBER 2017 FEEDBACK Los Angeles Film Festival featured a showcase of the best SCI-FI/FANTASY short films from around the world.

The crowd was very responsive to the films in our 5th venture to Los Angeles in the FEEDBACK Film Festival format. The crowd really enjoyed the screening and it was a nice start to the beginning of doing the festival every single month (first Thursday of every month) at the LA LIVE Regal Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles.

We attempted to give the audience seven different types of drama and sci-fi shorts from all around the world.

We are proud to announce our new moderator, Shesput Wilson, who will be taking over the reigns full time starting in January. She will do an outstanding job in the months, and hopefully years ahead.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

PARADIGME Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from Dec. 2017 LA Film Festival

PARADIGME, 6min, Poland, Sci-Fi/Experimental

Directed by Kamil Krynski and Bartek Kmita


When you wake up in a cold and empty place. You don’t where you are and how you got here. You are paralized by fear and lonelinnes. The only way leads you to unknown direction. When you subject to curiosity and weakness. You can loose your mind…

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!