METTA VIA Short Film – Audience Feedback from the May 2018 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival

METTA VIA, 12min., Canada, Sci-Fi
Directed by Warren Flanagan

Set in the future It tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a mysterious ‘temple like’ room and must figure out what her purpose is there. This in turn leads to her memories being unlocked and the true purpose of the temple, the strange sentient machines that surround her, and ultimately her final destination.

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Director BIO: Warren Flanagan (METTA VIA)

Director Biography – warren flanagan

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Warren Flanagan works as a concept artist, illustrator and storyboard artist in the film industry.
Originally from Ireland, Warren studied classical animation at the Dun Laoghaire institute of Art and Design and worked in Dublin at various animation studios once he graduated.
He Moved to Canada in 1997 and is currently based in Vancouver, BC where he works as a Concept Artist on many feature films and tv shows which include: Godzilla, Man Of Steel, The Revenant, A Series Of Unfortunate Events for Netflix and the upcoming Godzilla sequel.

Warren created the short film ‘Metta Via’ with his brother Paul Flanagan, and his partner Milena Zdravkovic.
Together they Produced and funded it completely independently, including the creation of the visual effects shots.