Director BIO: Jack Tong (ZACKMAN)

Director Biography – Jack Tong

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I had been a concept designer and visual effect artist for around over ten years. I started to work in film and animation industry since I was seventeen. Imagi Animation Studios was my first company that I worked for and I worked as a 3D animator and joined the project of “Astro Boy”.Then,I joined Sola Digital Arts and worked on starship troopers invasion and captain harlock as production designer. The reason that I decided to work in the industry was that I liked the fascinating visuals very much when I was young.


Director Statement


In my first short film – “Zackman”. I want to bring out the topic about the relationship between our soul and body. Whether our soul drives our body or our body drives our soul? When we have a chance to be with our dear forever in a same “place”, can we get what we want?