Watch the Fantasy Short Film: BOW TO YOUR PRINCE

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BOW TO YOUR PRINCE played at the FEEDBACK Film Festival in November 2014. A pure original fantasy, this is a must see short film.

Watch the Film:

Bow To Your Prince – short film from March Mercanti on Vimeo.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK from the Festival:

BOW TO YOUR PRINCE, 7min, Canada, Fantasy/Drama
Directed by March Mercanti


Lerato struggles with the pressures placed upon him as he must defend his lover from an evil Prince.


Writer / Director : March Mercanti
Producer: Adam King
Co – Producer: Nicole Gatto
Cinematographer: Jesse Kellestine
Production Designer: Julia Monson
Original Score: Mike Monson


Lerato: Terry Tyler
Adisa: Kathryn Masters
Chima: Jeri Leader
Prince Kafu: Nick Stathas
Shaman: Trevor Ramai Jr.

Director’s Statement:

“Bow To Your Prince was created as my graduating thesis project out of the Toronto Film School.

Prior to writing this story, I knew that I wanted the film to have an eerie-brooding feel. This led me to write an unconventional fairytale.

I have been around a lot of sickness my entire life so I channeled the idea of someone being put under a ‘spell’ as a form of sickness. From there I built characters around this ‘sick’ individual using a metaphorical approach. One character represents the illness itself, another character represents the role of society and the others are the loved ones-the bystanders-the most fragile.

After this was in place, I found it wasn’t necessarily the sick individual I set out to explore, it was those in the presence of the illness. Being in the presence of illness allows true character to shine through…for better or for worse.”

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