SUBMERGED – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK of the Short Film from the Oct. 2015 Film Festival

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK for SUBMERGED:

submerged_movie_posterHere’s what the audience had to say about SUBMERGED (moderated by Matthew Toffolo):

“Was he dead or not dead? 60% of the audience says yes. 40% says no.”

“He’s trying to get to her and he’s so scared of dead. He needs to learn to be free in order to get to the love of his life.”

“At the beginning this film had a distinct feel of helplessness. Then he learns to let go and dying makes him free. A morbid and spectacular film.”

“This is a film about someone trying to find their path after life ends.”

submerged_3SUBMERGED, 15min, UK, Haunting/Romance
Directed by Darren Mapletoft

When a teleportation experiment goes wrong, submariner Billy Bourne finds his crewmates have all disappeared. Determined to dance with his ‘Baby’ again, he faces a race against time to make his own escape.

Michael Holley Producers

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