Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video for the Sci-Fi/Romance Short Film: FINDING AMBROSIA

Deadline November 30th for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplay Festival (Feature, Short, TV Pilot)


FINDING AMBROSIA, Romance – 15min – USA
Directed by Colin Scully

A wizened alchemist lies on his deathbed. Desperate to fix his past, he must finish his final creation before time runs out.

Director Statement Haunted by his past and inching closer to death, an Old Man works tirelessly to finish his last creation: one that may help him connect with his long-lost love. From its inception on the page, Finding Ambrosia has been about one thing: immersion. We want to delight you with a visual spectacle. We want to suck you into the mystery of the Old Man’s life. We want you to understand and feel what he does. There is no dialogue in Finding Ambrosia. It is a film that can speak universally to any audience. Everyone understands feelings of love and regret. Everyone can get caught up in the mystery and the grandeur. Everyone can share the experience.

Production Notes “On Our Own” This was originally intended to be a student film, but our school opted not to select it for production. Refusing to let all our preparations go to waste, we set out making the film anyway – with no support, no insurance, no equipment, no guidance, and very little money. It was the best thing that could have happened, a wonderful learning experience, and gave us far more freedom than we initially expected. We couldn’t be more proud of the final product.

“Kickstarter” Heading into post, our finances were exhausted. So we turned to crowd-funding. Kickstarter was wonderful to use, and gave us the exposure we were looking for. We managed to raise $4,300 from total strangers, something we never thought possible. The reason this film exists is because of our wonderful backers.


Alexander Cook – Old Man
Evan Konstantine – Young Man
Caitlin Adara Rotman – Young Woman (as Caitlin Rotman)

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