Movie Review: THE MERMAID (Hong Kong 2016) ****

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the_mermaid.jpgTHE MERMAID (Hong Kong 2016) ****
Directed by Stephen Chow

Review by Gilbert Seah

Starring: Yun Lin, Chao Deng, Yun-Lin Jhuang

Thanks to Sony Pictures, THE MERMAID gets a distribution release in Canada and the United States. I just previewed the film on the second day of opening on a Saturday evening in a full-house of Cantonese speaking Asians. It was quite the experience.

THE MERMAID is produced, co-written and directed by Stephen Chow whose KUNG FU HUSTLE was widely released. To those unfamiliar with his works, his films are pure silliness. Lots of action, slapstick, fast dialogue with CGI added to this 3D comedic hilarity. The film has already broken records after opening Chinese New Year in Asia. See paragraph below (figures from and courtesy of Sony Publicity) before the review.

“MĚI RÉN YÚ (direct translation:…

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