The Midnight shores on a Christmas Morning, Poetry by anakin snider

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Holiday, Love, Romance

The Midnight shores on a Christmas Morning. The Last Supper. The Anonymous One’s Quilled Ink. by JAG Snider
by anakin snider

walking towards the store in this lonely christmas eve pondering down this busy streets upon a women a elderly lady. not much older
on her forty one year.
she teared these songs of forbidden melodies.
crying in better introduction of sorrow.
i sat with her. we talk calmly.
she felt warmth. and with very kind smile.
she was lonely and i as walk.
she told me a story a very short one indeed about her love life pass ones.
and persent times exact, i knew something wasn’t right.
it seem she lost the feeling to live. maybe you can come with me.
I’m Lonely from the sake of being here.
myself was alone as well.
when i touch her. it was like a ghostly figure.

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