Read the best of NEW Interviews with Directors

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

  NEWS Interviews:

Interview with Adrian Buitenhui (I Am Heath Ledger) – A chat with the director of the successful documentary on the legendary actor.

Interview with Paul Verhoeven (promoting Golden Globe winning film “ELLE”) – A chat with the legendary director who gave a very candid interview on his process and favorite films.

Interview with Pauline Mabille (RIGHT HERE OF OVER THERE) – Award winning short film director who is a filmmaker on the rise.

Interview with Nick Ledonne (HANGING) – A animation/documentary on the filmmaker’s experience attempting suicide. Must see film and must read interview.

Interview with Christian J. Harris (THE LONG GOODBYE) – About the experiences making the documentary about Alheimer’s disease.

Interview with Ashton Avila (HAVE A LITTLE FAITH) – On making the anti-religious comedy.

Interview with Paige K. Boudreau (NOSTOMANIA) – On making an experimental film.


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