Director BIO: Holy Fatma

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director of the short film PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER

Director Biography


With a Masters of Cinema Studies in hand, Holy Fatma traveled the world before settling down as a set dresser in Hollywood. It was there that she created her own visual brand and made the transition to director. Back in Paris, Holy Fatma is the winning director of the Cinétalents 2014 by 1000 VISAGES under the supervision of director Houda Benyamina. It is at the end of this experience that she meets Romain Compingt with whom she writes her script Please Love Me Forever. Her brand looks just like her : extravagant, disturbing and populated by strange and endearing characters. Holy Fatma lives in a world influenced by Fellini, Burton, and Browning.

Please Love Me Forever is her first movie.

Director Statement

Please Love Me Forever was born after years of exploring a contrasted yet fas- cinating Hollywood. A place where out- casts wear glitter jackets and beauty often irts with monstrosity. Neo-romantic fan- tasy, Please Love Me Forever is set in a world of innocence and dementia. Between botanical garden of organs and tree hearts, this dark tale will lead our heroine towards an inevitably tragic ending… much more realistic than it looks.


By fantasyscififestival

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