Director BIO: Jeremy Garcia

Short Film Playing at the July 27, 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival

Get to know the short film STAR WARS: TRIALS

Director Biography

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Jeremy Garcia moved to Augusta GA after earning his Bachelors Degree in Digital Film and Video production in 2011. Through college and into today Jeremy has had the opportunity to work on feature films, shorts, documentaries and music videos. He has experience is just about every crew position that a film set has to offer and has had the opportunity to write and direct several of his own shorts and music videos.

Director Statement

Every artistic medium is interesting and has the potential to tell a story. To evoke an emotion. In the most basic terms “to feel”. I consider myself very lucky to work within a medium (film) that can bring nearly every other medium together with the possibility to create that “symphony of emotion”. The placement of the camera, the subtlety of that sound effect or musical hit, or the range and expressions of an actor. One film can change the course of someones life. It did for me. If I can inspire others or just one person to realize or confirm their passion then I can say that I’m pretty happy.


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