Director BIO: Jill Von D (REBIRTH)

Playing at the December 2017 FANTASY/SCI-FI FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles

Director Biography

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Jill is a 22 year old filmmaker born and raised in Hong Kong, who at the age of 10 began her ever-growing passion and involvement with film. Being a painter since birth, her love for the visual arts soon translated onto her first camera, in which still images began her voice of storytelling. It was shortly after that she discovered her ability to render marriage between these images and audio elements that her love for filmmaking and motion pictures began. After moving to the United States by herself at 18, she took on every filmmaking and photography society at the University of Texas at Austin as well as interning at South by Southwest Music and Film Festival where her first screening of short films there made her fall in love with the film festival scene. Visual creation is her biggest passion and language in this world, as she continues to strive in filmmaking after relocating to Los Angeles last year.

Director Statement

Rebirth came into my head on a dusty brown couch on a cold evening in Washington DC last December. I was reading an article about how a young “social media queen” who had made millions of dollars posting posed photos of food and clothing on her page, broke down and decidedly came clean about the dangers and psychological pressures of the social-media-fame realm. It occurred to me that there is a very toxic and absolutely terrifying perspective to our attachments with a handheld screen and digital personalities. It frightened me that we as a collective society now spend half our lives as ourselves whilst simultaneously maintaining an online presence. It jarred me when I thought, what would happen if we lost all that? If something we spent hours on suddenly turned on us, how much of yourself would you lose? This is where Rebirth was born, and where I began my journey of telling this story of a relationship between person and screen. I chose to shoot the film as a silent, non-dialogue film as the main character of the film is debatably a balance between her and the phone. The attention we give to our pocket screens send us into a silent, lonely, isolated trance that no other object has been able to impose on us.

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