Director BIO: Philippe McKie (BREAKER)

Director Biography

Philippe mckie director

Philippe is an award-winning filmmaker born in Montreal, Canada.
Since graduating from the Mel-Hoppenheim School of Cinema he has been living and making films in Japan. His films explore multiple genres ranging from psychological-dramas, to period pieces and science fiction.
Beginning in 2010 with his short-film ARIA, made in his first-year at film-school, his films have been selected in festivals around the world and received multiple prizes and distinctions.
Since 2011 he has been based in Tokyo, Japan.

Selected Filmography:

SHŪEN (Japan, 2015) Color, 15mins, HD
* Silver Award Horror Spotlight Awards

Healing Waters (Japan, 2014) Color, 3mins, HD
* Grand Prize winner 2014 Shikoku Film festival

Where The Heart Is (Japan, 2014) Color, 2mins, HD
* Silver Winner Chiba Film Festival

Shades of Grey on the Silver Screen (Montreal, 2011) B/W, 15mins, S-16mm
* 35th Festival des Films du Monde, Montreal, Canada, 2011

ARIA (Montreal, 2010) Color, 6mins, 16mm
* Winner best Film Jury’s prize 8th Festival Neatworks, Canada 2011


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