Director BIO: Tim Willrich (SKIN DEEP)

Director Biography

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Tim Willrich is a Director & Producer based in the UK where he works on Films, Music videos and large scale bespoke immersive shows and experiences.

He started out predominantly as an Editor cutting his teeth on short films before jumping platforms to all sorts of weird and wonderful sized screens in Exhibition areas, live shows and attractions all over the world. Quickly accumulating experience that led to working as first a Post Producer and then heading up and overseeing full productions from concept to delivery as a Creative Director and / or Producer
This has now brought him neatly full circle back to his passion- film, and bringing interesting and innovative projects to life.

Director Statement

“Having worked with the Adrift team before, I was definitely interested in directing ‘Skin Deep’ as soon as the writer, Harry, mentioned it due to the overwhelming success of our previous short film. However, I underestimated how enthusiastic and positive I’d feel about the project from day one. The script is unique, unapologetic and conveys numerous moral messages with minimal dialogue. We had to step up and do it justice.

Issues surrounding body image are tackled in numerous ways, whether caused through cultural or social perceptions. The unique element of Skin Deep, is the internal struggle and self obsession we seldom discuss. This is beautifully portrayed by the opening actress, who herself, should have no issues in her appearance. By opening the film with someone who many would consider beautiful, we put forward an argument that everyone, regardless of gender, can have issues with themselves.

‘Skin Deep’ broaches the subject in a very literal way, whilst maintaining a sense of realness throughout. Along with the message of the script, the definition of the character arcs and the emotional journeys that both Greg and Millie undertake, and how our opinion of them changes, is a beautiful thing.

Visually, we wanted to impose a very specific look and feel. With the use of expansive spaces, materialistic and glamorous surroundings, we created a lavish yet prison like atmosphere. We tackled the lighting in a specific style, using contrasts between light and dark areas to reflect the emotion of the scene, coupled with slow moving imagery.

The subject matter elicited powerful, emotional responses from all the actors. Further more, although there were some differences, both men and women who previewed the film could all relate. We wish to promote these types of conversation amongst future audiences and look forward to taking it on a journey around the festival circuit.”


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