Director BIO: H. Yağmur Kartal (SOLUK)

Director Biography – H. Yağmur Kartal

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She was born in Istanbul in 1990. She started her career as a cinematographer at the age of 14 when she attended cinema. The experience he had with his short films there with his friends turned him into a passion for himself. He tried to test a lot of techniques as a practitioner who tends to curiously learn all the technical information in the cinema and wants to tell stories of all kinds. This interest in cinema has gained a new dimension in 2009 by winning the department of visual communication design at Kocaeli University. During his university years, he also received a lot of attention in his field and made double major in radio, television and cinema department, adding a lot of information such as telling a lot of things on a square, figurative graphic filling, color information, advertising and animation. In this way, he never tied his connection with the cinema in the academic field. In 2013, he began writing film critiques and analyzes for a while. These articles have been published in sites like Cinematic World, Kuledibi, Other Cinema. During this time, she gained experience by studying various post-production companies in summer. In Studio Piano he worked as a editing assistant, and in Visual Focus he created TV programs. In 2013 he was featured as a fiction assistant in the movie “The Rest Room” and was selected as the best short film in Cannes. In 2014, he completed the radio, television and cinema department, second place in the department, and visual communication design in the same department as the fifth. Shortly after his graduation, he started to work as an editing assistant in Sinegraf, the company of Osman Sınav. The Red Apple left his job with the end of his line. Soon after, Digiflame started to work as editor in the animation section. After working in the Animation Department for about 3 months, he switched to the VFX department where he worked as a supervisor assistant. He left his job in 2015 and started to work in the field of Communication Sciences in Kocaeli University. In 2016, VFX coordination group Genius Park for a period of about 5 months, even if the arch for the first time in the business life, gave the pause. Still continuing his graduate studies, he directed the film “Soluk” short film and the medium-length animated documentary Filmin named “Toy maker Hidden Hidigars”.


Director Statement

Yağmur Kartal Filmography
– İstirahat Odası / The Resting Room (editing assistant)
(Cannes Film festival / best short film award – 2013)
*Psişik Celil ve Kişisel Devrim Antolojisi / Psychic Celil and personal Revolution Anthology- Assistant director /
Editor / Colorist (2016)
* Recycled Plastics (Pagder) / Stopmotion – public spot –
Director (2014)
* Kenosis / Fiction short footage – Director (2014)
* Yuvaya Dönüşen Plastikler- Pale / fiction short footage – Director (2017)
* Oyuncakçı Saklı Yadigarlar / The Toymaker; Hidden Holies / animated Documentary film – Director (ongoing)

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