Film Review: TEARS IN THE RAIN, South Africa, Fan Fiction/Sci-Fi 

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TEARS IN THE RAIN, directed by Christopher Harvey, is an eleven minutes fan-fiction short film coming out of South Africa, that is inspired by the works of Philip K Dicks’ novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? As well as the motion picture Blade Runner. Our hero is met unexpectedly at a restaurant to be terminated by an insurance worker. But while the irreversible termination takes place our hero frantically tries to reason with his assailant that there has been a terrible mistake- he is not, in fact, a machine, but a real person. The back-and-forth continues, scratching the surface of morality, philosophy, technology and our transhuman future. But when the end finally comes, our insurance villain realizes that he may have actually terminated not something- but someone.

A love letter that pays homage to some of the great creative media works of our age, TEARS IN THE RAIN…

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