Director Biography – Yoson An

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Yoson started working in the film industry in his early 20s. Along the way he has had a few opportunities to work on some amazing projects and learned more about the process of filmmaking. Being around different directors have sparked a new passion in him to also become a storyteller. Thus, “Between The Parallel” was created.


Director Statement


“Between The Parallel” is about a young girl, seeking to find freedom from her reality by depicting herself as a goddess like being through her art.

Being someone of two cultural backgrounds (born in China and raised in New Zealand), I wanted to merge the two cultures through this film. I grew up watching a lot of Chinese martial arts movies, and I’ve also grown to love fantasy/sci-fi films that symbolically explores the spectrum of human emotions; but I’ve never seen the two overlap. “Between the Parallel” symbolically reflects a young girl’s inner struggles (or demons) through her art, where she depicts herself as a goddess-like being in Ancient China, fighting for her freedom. This was an interesting idea to me because I’ve seen many films projecting the idea of good and evil of a characters with biblical references, but I’ve never seen a Chinese version of it. This is how this film began, it is a story told through Elisa’s (the female lead) point of view.

This short film is an adaption of a feature film idea. Most of the story painted itself around what I have seen or experienced in life. The actors (Melissa Xiao and David T. Lim), producer (Amber-rose Henshall), cinematographer (Leigh Elford) and I worked together on the pre-production weeks before filming. Most of the time went into translating the dialogue in the ancient China world and also perfecting the martial arts choreography in the fight sequence. Even though it was a fantasy world, I felt it was important for it to carry an element of truth behind it. The words spoken by both David and Melissa were in close alignment to the way people spoke from the Han Dynasty.

I’m really inspired by films (and TV shows) that uses Sci-fi|Fantasy to take viewers on a (out of this world) journey which reflects a deeper understanding of our humanity. I also believe film is a beautiful medium where we can symbolically reflect our perspective of reality. I would love to be able to bring forth more of my ideas into the world one day (on a larger scale) through the medium of film and television.

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