Director Biography – Daniel Robinette (GALMI)

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Daniel Robinette is an award-winning film director, writer and producer with a background in advertising and marketing. He is known for directing the short films Drawn to Fear (2016), The Time Will Come (2016), Tethered (2017) and most recently Galmi (2018).

Previously, Daniel worked in the advertising industry for 20+ years, serving as Creative Director for several agencies while amassing a range of industry creative awards in both broadcast and print advertising.

He is a founding member of 4 Leagues Media, LLC – a group formed to create and produce films. He serves as Director for the group, as well as a source for story development, creative development, writing and producing.

Director Statement

Galmi is a film that is close to my heart. My son (who plays the lead role in the short film) experienced bullying at his school. Part of our discussions during this time were centered around trying to be understanding and searching for peaceful resolutions. He mentioned that things would be easier if he had a big monster that could scare the bully away. It stuck with me and a few years later, I wrote Galmi.

The story addresses a few topics that could be encountered for parents of a bullied child and for the child itself (a parent’s frustration with the school system’s lack of response, the bullied child’s feeling of despair and isolation at times). My thought was why not bring to life a fantasy for a child – the ability for him to fight back by bringing a mythological creature to life that could protect him from the bully.

The word Galmi occurs once in the Bible, meaning “my golem” (the unfinished human being). I wove in the mysticism behind the golem as the creature the boy would summon having been inspired by the Golem of Prague (the rabbi constructs a Golem to defend and protect the Jewish community from persecution). In this case, the golem is summoned to protect and serve the boy. Whether or not the boy uses the golem for protection, intimidation or more sinister purposes is left up to the viewer.


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