Director Biography – Stuart T Birchall (A P E X)

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Writer / Director / Producer

Birchall, a self taught artist, has been writing and directing since 1998. The multiple award winning director quickly established himself as one of the most prominent and original music promo directors in the rock scene. Working with the likes of ‘Bring Me The Horizon’, ‘Young Guns’, ‘Bullet For My Valentine’, ‘Cradle Of Filth’ ‘Architects’ & ‘Enter Shikari’, for Sony, Virgin EMI, Columbia & Universal.

His dark and broody asthetic translated well through his short films conceptual design and photography. An enigmatic all round artist who is not afraid to challenge audiences and break conventions.

Birchall is currently writing an original sci-fi series alongside feature film development.



Director Statement


APEX was born out of my passion for science fiction, it has been a key inspiration throughout my life, from the child gazing out into the star fields above to cowering under covers at old black and white movies. Through the written work of Asimov, Orwell, P.K Dick, R. A Wilson, Clarke, Wells, Huxley to the visual work of Kubrick, Tarkovsky, Cameron and Scott. We a specific impact of the Alien franchise resonating deeply with me from my childhood.

I have been developing my first sci-fi novel for a few years and this has allowed me the opportunity to begin exploring concepts and ideas that I have been collecting and archiving for many years.
As a self taught professional, I have always admired the innovation and belief in artist willing to push out into the unknown and challenge conventions.

2018 marks ten years as an independent filmmaker, so it seemed a fitting time to begin translating my sci-fi ideas to the screen! APEX is very much the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for me as a director, I aim for these early representations of my conceptual ideas to serve as a precursor of what is to come.

So with gratitude I present APEX for your consideration.


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