SCREENPLAY MOVIE: Robots From Neptune, by J. David Thayer

Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Matt Barnes
Danielle Nicole
Geoff Mays
Val Cole

They want our garbage. They can’t have it.

Deep within the icy cloud layers of Neptune live the X-tonians: a mighty race of silicone-based lifeforms who regularly breathe a toxic mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. However, their world is dying. The factories of their highly industrialized society continually belch great plumes of clean air into the atmosphere bringing the X-Tonian race to the brink of extinction. In desperation, His Majesty King XYY9Z3 dispatches his horde of Receptacle Robots to Earth. Their mission: to liberate and harvest all of our garbage, toxic waste, and pollution, leaving a wake of clean destruction behind. And you might think we’d be okay with all that.

Writer Biography – J. David Thayer

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Elementary school principal living in Texas. Working on several novels and short stories. Published in The First Line Literary Journal.


Writer Statement


It occurred to me about five years ago that we really needed a new robot invasion movie, but not one that was in any way believable. The golden age of science fiction was a time when we still believed that the solar system might actually harbor advanced civilizations. We transferred our Red Scare paranoia over to the safer alien and/or robot invasions scenarios in order to vent pent-up anxiety–much like today’s zombie apocalypse phenomenon acts as a somewhat silly substitute for the very real fear of total societal collapse underpinning its appeal.

Put another way, I miss the silly robot invasion genre. I wanted to write a script that harkens back to that time, and I failed. I ended up writing something else instead. I wasn’t even setting out to make an animated film, but that is clearly what ROBOTS FROM NEPTUNE is. Two more scripts are also underway: RFN2: The Venus Casino and RFN3: Pax Neptunia. I hope you enjoy the first installment.


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