Short Film: NOMADIC CLOUD, 5min., Sci-Fi/Animation

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From the point of view of a small robot, this video seeks to tell the story starting from the launch of SLS to the future city of Mars.

This video showcases our attempt to develop the fundamental designs and technological ideas necessary to manufacture an off-world habitat using mission recycled materials and local indigenous materials. Our habitat will accommodate a NASA crew of four, who will be the first humans ever to step foot on Mars.

The Nomadic cloud is a movable lightweight structure that can be used as an exploration equipment as well as a living space. The structures and the skin of the habitat will be made with either 3D-Printed aerographite or graphene membrane, which can be produced from Mars directly using tools brought from Earth (copper), combined with water, methane and hydrogen that can be either found or produced on Mars. The habitat will use water as the fundamental material to change the stiffness of our structure depending on its state – from ice to gas.

The video commenced with a glimpse of the Mar’s future populated with habitat. After the SLS launched, the manned and retrofitted Orion spacecraft will begin its extensive journey to Mars. During the journey, the robot will oversee the construction of the Nomadic Cloud using tools that were brought to Mars prior to this manned launch. The habitat will be ready when the astronauts arrived after a year-long voyage.

Nomadic Cloud can change its form and function based on its needs – Settle Mode, Exploration Mode and Moving Mode.

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