Director Biography – Rebecca Gardiner (TRANSMISSION)

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Rebecca is a film maker with a passion for intense and immersive storytelling. She is completing her masters in film specialising in directing and writing.
She creates compelling tales with cores of truth and dramatic sensibilities within the horror, science fiction, action, fantasy and thriller genres as she loves the visual freedom and complexity of sight, sound and emotion these genres allow.

Rebecca has taken on the challenge of creating the types of films and characters that she wants to see, creating powerful and multifaceted female lead characters within genre films that tackle matters which are relevant to the world today within futuristic setting that remain relevant to current issues.

Rebecca is currently refining her first feature script which she is looking forward to bringing to life.

Director Statement

With Transmission I wanted to tackle several aspects I personally find lacking in the film world. Strong female leads and tackling the sci-fi genre being a female writer and director.

I wanted to express my opinion of how we abuse our planet in a genre I find extremely exciting and challenging, Science fiction is often overlooked as not being as “worthy” as straight dramas, but any genre must have a core of truth and dramatic sensibilities if it will speak to audiences.
With all this in mind I set myself some rules, started writing and thus Transmission was born.

Transmission is about how we have destroyed our home and must find a new place, or resources to survive. But what they find on this new planet is a world that rejects us, fights us of as though we are a virus.

Right now Transmission only lives in this short film version, but I believe that it could be a quality production in either feature film or TV series delivery. My personal aim at this point is to take my short script and expand it into a feature length script to begin that development process.

I want the the short to have a life of it’s own in the sci-fi festival route as well as many of the women in film festivals. My hope is once created the short would even be able to stand up against the more dramatic fare that get play at the “big” festivals.

Once it has lived that life, I plan to use it as a taster for expanding the world to a larger scale.

Science fiction is an often underrated as a filmic art form, a point in case is The Martian winning best comedy at the golden globes. Yet it is a genre with a rabid and widespread fan base really to grab up new content that comes their way. I should know, I am one of them.

I want my home country to break from our current rut of horror or drama films, to look back and embrace our passion and freedom in making films, where we made the wildest films out there, and made them well. And I want to be one of the ones out front making these films.


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