SCI-FI/FANTASY Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: Half And Hour Cafe, by Eric Futterman

A little coffee shop serves up time… The owner of World Cup Coffee & Ice Cream has developed a concoction that can send people back in time, a half hour, an hour, a day, or years at a time.

There is, however, a catch. The further and more often one travels back to change the trajectory of their lives, the faster they age. This is the story of a group of people who look to use a cup or two or more to correct their mistakes and in one man’s case, prevent a horrific crime from ever happening.

Winner of the Grand Jury Award-Feature Screenplay at American Filmatic

Arts Awards Selection of the Beverly Hills Film Festival 2020


Narration: Allison Kampf

Charlie/Emory: Shawn Devlin

Justin/Larry/Zabrij: Bill Poulin

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